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“With big power, comes big responsibility.” Spock from Doctor Who

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    I’m back (not for very long tho)

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    Besides from that, hi everyone! If anyone is still here :(
    I’m back from court stuff coz one of the cases lasted like 4 months!


    Well, if your wondering, there is a possibility I’ll finish mlp in a nutshell. (i hope i do)

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So... Some trailers have come out · 9:16am Nov 18th, 2018

Toy Story 4 is actually a movie now. Shit. Here’s the trailer incase you missed it.

So what we’re greated with is the rebirth of a thought to be long gone franchise, (kinda like Samurai Jack) and I couldn’t be happier. These movies were really good. I mean, no it’s not Citizen Kane but story wise it was a step in the right direction. Anyway, this trailer doesn’t really show us anything about the story, but in an interview apparently they’ll be searching for Bo Beep. Remember her? That guy who my cousins literally thought died. Yeah. The animation looks fine and dandy but it’s fine. So, yeah it looks fine next.

Fuck, they made 2 trailers. Actually this is basically the same as then last one. Okay, real next this time.

Okay, I know this is a pretty old trailer. But I just got here and didn’t get to talk about it so I’m gonna talk about it. That’s what I’m gonna do for a lotta movies. Anyway, it looks like Fallout talks like a Disney movie, so what do we have to lose. Is it weird I’m more pumped for this than Fallout 76? Probably. So it seems to be in a cool post apocalyptic Vegas kinda place and everyone is a MEANY BEANY.. feany.. sorry not sorry Anyway looks cool watch it and makes Star Lord jokes forever. Next.

Joaquin Phoenixs eye brow just acted out Letos entire performance. I’m really stoked about this.
The idea on paper sounds like it will ruin Joker, but it might actually work. So anyway make the movie good Arthur Fleck or I’ll shoot you. Next.

This movie looks so bad I really want to see it now. But I’ll take a movie that is CLEARLY having fun with itself over Super-Man crying like a pussy any day. Next.

Same story for SHAZAM!. Actually this movie looks fucking amazing. I need to see this.


Yes. The saviour is here. No more of that Star Wars Rebels Scooby Doo bullshit. And fucking lightsaber helicopters. This is just for us old fans. So fuck off all you youngins that liked that shit show. Now you know how I feel. “It’s over little bitches I have the mother fucking high ground.”
But look at these fucking lightsaber helicopters!

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