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  • 3 weeks
    Chapter 48 of Fallout Equestria: Black Cat is finished + new Galaxy Rangers story.

    Another new chapter of Black Cat is done. Stables were a weird idea in the original fic. The idea that each Stable had its own social experiment creates a lot of creativity for both the setting and characters. I think it adds to the appeal and long-lasting nature of Fallout Equestria. Kudos to the original author. I don't agree with every writing choice he made, but Kkat is an excellent world

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  • 7 weeks
    New story! Galaxy Rangers, the movie!

    Hello again. Sorry about being so radio silent, but I've been working on a big story! Galaxy Ranger: The Movie - Shocker Crisis. In this story, after a terrible teleportation accident, Trixie finds herself in an alternate world where an evil organization called Shocker has taken over the world. She makes new friends as she tries to free this new alien world from Shocker's grasp.

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  • 29 weeks
    Chapter 40,41 of Fallout Equestria: Black Cat and Chapters 6,7,8,9,10 of The Forbidden Symphony are done! + news!

    Hey again, sorry for the delayed blog post. I release so many chapters, its hard to keep to the energy to write these. I knew you must be tired of hearing these dumb excuses. Anyway, Chapter 10 marks the end of Forbidden Symphony! I feel I may have made a few missteps while writing it, but overall I am very happy with it. I feel I have really improved as a writer since the early days. I won't

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  • 39 weeks
    Chapter 39 of Fallout Equestria: Black Cat and Chapters 3,4,5 of The Forbidden Symphony are done! + news!

    Another update. Sorry this took so long. I've been busy with a million things. Chapter 39 explores more of the Enclave. I'm trying not to portray them as only bad guys and more of a society full of people. I've never really liked how the Enclave was portrayed in the orginal Fallout Equestia, and I really want to humanize them more. Chapter 40 is almost completed and should be up pretty soon.

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  • 44 weeks
    Chapter 38 of Fallout Equestria: Black Cat and Chapter 2 of The Forbidden Syphony are done!

    Hello again. Another big update. Black Cat is going into a new arc. Break investigates the Enclave and she's about to discover a horrible secret threatens the entire world. It's fun I'm finally adding the Enclave to the story. Though, figuring out how their technology works is a bit confusing. Especially the cloud terminal part, though its fun to create workarounds for Break to exploit. As you

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Chapter 2 of Secret Agent Dinky is finished. · 10:05am Nov 17th, 2018

Hello again. Another chapter of Secret Agent is done. This chapter reveals a little on Bon's past and her secret troubles and angst. Her past was going to be crazier and more elaborate. It involved secret cults, time travel, and Trixie, but I couldn't bring myself to put it to paper. No, instead I came up with a more realistic tale that I personally think works so much better. I am glad I listened to my instincts on this one.

I am taking a short break to help write a Colab with Talon and Thorn and a few others. The basic premise is that Trixie and her friends are going to do Secret Santas this year and each of us is going to write about the Luna 6 finding a gift. I am doing Raindrops. I can't say much more than that at the moment, but it shouldn't take me long to write it. I am almost halfway done with it already. Anyways, enough ramblings. I hope you enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 2

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