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  • 13 weeks
    Four years

    It has taken over four years for me to finish Hay Fever :rainbowhuh:

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    Update on THINGS.

    So firstly, another new chapter on Hay Fever is now up. This one's story only, we're entering Act 3 of this fic, and I need to move set pieces around into position for the end chapters.

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  • 172 weeks
    Hotel Reservations currently closed!

    Huge thanks to everyone who has expressed interest and support in the Hotel Nightshade!

    I'm temporarily closing slots and commissions while I catch up on the workload - I don't want to get in over my head! If you were holding out, really want a slot, and don't mind waiting weeks, then you can still contact me, but yea, expect a wait for now.

    Slots will reopen as soon as I've caught up!

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    Hotel Calivorenia - Notes and Submissions

    Hello all! In this blog post I'll explain the premise and guidelines for Hotel Calivorenia, a new on-going story. This post will likely get updated as I figure all this out...

    This story is a YCH (Your Character Here) story, whereby you can purchase (commission) your own chapter, to contain your OC, or another character of your choice, to have their own 'episode' in the story.

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  • 199 weeks
    Back again!

    Well I took a break over Christmas, and it kind of ended up being over January as well. But I think I've broken the creative block and I'll be back to work now!

    I know there's a couple of people who asked me for commissions, please give me a poke again if you're still interested! I'll be PMing a few people, but if you don't hear from me then message me!

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Some extra content on Aryion · 6:41pm Nov 15th, 2018

FimFiction is my main point of publishing, but now I've started doing commissions there are a few stories I'm writing that fall outside my normal soft and fluffy stuff.

Specifically, two I've done lately are the more extreme 'down and dirty' kind of material that I know will probably get down-voted into the stone age on FF. So for that reason, I haven't bothered uploading them here. If you want to see them, search for Withania on Aryion and you'll find my gallery there.

Failing that, I'm also interested if you guys think I should put them up here anyway and damn the dislikes? Let me know in those comments.

Past that, more stuff coming soon, bai for naaaoww!

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Comments ( 6 )

I'd put them up and damn the dislikes. I mean -- I did that with my stories I knew would be downvoted? As far as I can tell there was no spillover into my other stories.

I think you can turn off voting for certain stories if you know it will be downvoted. I’ve seen other people do that.

In my opinion is a good comment with critic better than a up-/downvote. It shows you that the reader has understood the content of your story or not and gives you advices to make it better. :twilightsmile:

Only a Upvote can`t do the same effect. And i think most downvotes come from people/brony which dont like the fetishes or Content in your stories, but you do a great job in writing and some others have the same problem. :raritywink:

Just never give up the hope.:rainbowdetermined2:

Dislikes shouldn't matter if you know they're unjustified. Just assume everyone that dislikes it without leaving a well written comment explaining as to why they disliked it is either a troll or a dislike bot. That's what I do. They say actions speak louder than words, but here on FF, that couldn't be farther from the truth. Words speak much louder than the mere action of a like or dislike here.

Well thanks for the votes of confidence you guys :twilightblush:

I wasn't sure if I'd get feedback to a blog post or not, but yea I'll upload the weird stuff too then!

I guess I'll be less concerned about ratings when I'm expecting a story to bomb compared to when I'm hoping for it to do well!

For what it's worth, you're one of the best vore writers around; don't let the haters drag you down.

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