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Happy Together · 11:27pm Nov 12th, 2018

:ajsmug: Evenin' everyone

:yay: Four more days at Walmart! We're at the finish line folks! Also, I published a chapter today or whatever.
Okay, but for real, the game is about to change and I could not be happier for it. I get to sleep two hours longer in the day. I don't have to spend nine hours of the day at walmart. I'm doubling my salary. life is good. and I am thankful.

But uh, Super. So, Persona 17 and 18 or XVII and XVIII, were actually part of one chapter, and they were just the first two parts to Kaiju 4. this shit keeps getting longer. Once upon a time, I wrote a chapter that was less than 4000 words, I swear. I had five different characters give their opinions on a subject in this chapter though, so there was no way in hell I was getting away with a short one.
I always thought Jojo parte 5 and the chimera ant arc of Hunter X Hunter was really cool for so much shit happening at once but every day I write this story, I get closer to doing that myself. the next chapter is also very much going to do that because... unexpected things happen. I can say that it won't be next week, but before November ends, I'll have Kaiju 4 out. and then... we're at the end. let's just hope the unexpected things that happen aren't a surprise to me this time. Kaiju 3 was supposed to end very differently in my initial outline of that chapter, but then I decided to do between Night and Day.

The real scary thing here is that I've still got three pages worth of outline incomplete for Kaiju 4, and the other parts that made up the last two chapters didn't even compare to it. OOF.

Do you ever have your own sweet filly dreams? Ever since I was very young, I remember wanting to one up my dad at being a dad. I still want to do that one day, but that requires a partner of the fairer sex, which I don't have yet. One day though. And I'm thinkin' I'll try to raise the bar and go for five kids instead of four. Maybe. Who knows. I don't know the future, but I'll be damned if I don't try.

:derpytongue2: Anyways, that's all from me. I'll get kaiju 4 out within the month even if it's split into a couple parts. It shouldn't be because of how I want the flow of events to go, but if it gets too long, it will be split.
Until Next Time~

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