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I make stories. They’re weird, but still technically stories.

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  • 58 weeks

    I have 20 followers! woohoo

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  • 58 weeks
    I’m back

    I have been gone for like a year. Woah. That’s crazy to think about.
    I recently lost my password for this account, but after doing stuff I got it back. I had an acting account called ‘AGuy’ and I’m not sure how to delete it so if someone could help me do that (if anyone is here) that would be cool.

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  • 114 weeks
    I’m back (not for very long tho)

    WHAT DID I mIsS?!
    Most of season 10?

    Besides from that, hi everyone! If anyone is still here :(
    I’m back from court stuff coz one of the cases lasted like 4 months!


    Well, if your wondering, there is a possibility I’ll finish mlp in a nutshell. (i hope i do)

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  • 133 weeks
    I changed my name

    Yeah. I did it because I don’t like pickles anymore.

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  • 137 weeks

    I’m back. And uhh I got news.

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Farewell. · 8:21pm Nov 12th, 2018

Thank you Stan Lee. For everything. For shaping my childhood. For making me learn that "With great power, comes great responsibility." You will always be a true believer!

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