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Behold, I have amassed a kingdom of falsehood and deceit. · 9:34am Nov 9th, 2018

No, but for real, the last chapter(s?) will be up next week.

In the meantime, here's what a real magpie pigeon looks like:

Imagine that but the neck flops over and it's missing most of the chest feathers, it falls down all the time and has a biting problem. Add appropriate music for flavor.

That's our boy.

(R.I.P. all my stupid Menace II Society reference gags when the structure and tone didn't allow it anymore.)

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Comments ( 12 )

Falsehood, deceit, and cake! I've been loving this story, and I can hardly wait for more.

I'm looking forward to devoting my evening to the next chapter :rainbowwild:

I find myself hoping Fimfic preserves that 9,999 word count. It'll look like you hit Diamond Tiara's emotional damage cap.

Looking forward to the critical hit.

The cake is also falsehood and deceit.


Quoted out of context.

How could you, Patch!

I hope that pigeon is stuffed because if they naturally look that dead and soulless, I would be terrified.

An excuse to talk more about pigeons? Don't mind if I do!
Nope! This guy got his picture taken at a pigeon show. They've got the same eyes most birds do, but because of that pus white eye color, it makes them look like creepy doll eyes. He's also posing, though, so that adds to it.
This guy just chilling at home is closer to how one of them normally looks. You can even see the iridescent feathers in his neck.

It's less stark with the brown, blue, and silver Magpies. (The black ones are the ones everyone loves best, though). This one's probably just a Magpie, not an English Magpie. It's a guess (pigeon breed info is annoyingly hard to research online), but I think the English Magpie's name comes from being crossed with the English Carrier, and they're... well...

Buddy, I WISH it stayed under 10,000 words. I've been gently editing and clipping down sentences, so I guess I shaved down from the 10k earlier. The typed draft still has at least another thousand words to go, alas. I'd like to split it and keep my nice 5/6k chapter evenly distributed but it's all basically one fat scene.

When you lay it out that way, that's the heart of the story's conflict, too!


Quoted Patch!

No, no, silly. I quoted you! :trollestia:

That gag doesn't work as well on fimfiction. :P

Absolutely terrified.

Jokes aside, glad to give you a chance to talk about a topic of interest.

What does this even me?

You sit upon a throne of lies!

Can't wait for the next chapter.

"You ever hang out down on 14th street wit dis labradoodle?"

All the everything is lies! :raritycry: Even the lies are lies! But that... would make them true... but then they'd be lies.... but then they'd be true... but then... (ERROR 404) :derpyderp2:

That's one thing you can ask an AI program to confuse the hell out of it: "Can you tell if this statement is true or false: This lie is a lie." If it's false, then the entire statement is a lie, which then makes it true. If it's true, then the conclusion is wrong, and therefore renders the statement false. It's statement the veracity of which is contradicted immediately by whatever choice in the duality is chosen. There's no logical solution. Some programmers will put in that default explanation, so you alter the words a bit so the program can't make the connection but the the paradox remains the same. You can also use 'this lie is true', 'this truth is a lie', 'this statement is a lie' and a number of more complicated statements. The programs tend not to be able to use abstract reasoning to realize there is no possible right answer with the choices given and then explain why without that answer pre-written into their programming. Or, to put it simply, the programs don't even approach human conscious thought.

AIs fare poorly in false-duality situations. Of course, so do NPCs... which just shows ya that NPCs ain't really human at all! :trollestia:

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