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Human. Still human. ["with sentences [...] reads like they were written by a drunk, stoned, and autistic disorganized schizophrenic", as one said]

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  • Friday
    Apparently, there is anime about Karl Marx now (from China)

    Oh, well, not watched it (I prefer TEXT) but interesting development none the less .... (I recall at least some early anime fans in USA become anime fans because they wanted SERIOUS cartoons /other/outside view on some issues .... today anime watching is not sign of you being actively forward looking, I'm afraid ... but may be it can be made so again)

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  • 6 days
    Was re-reading some webpages latelty ....

    I think this quote may cheer you up, even if udnerlaying reality is no laughting:

    A few years ago I was sat on a train with a chap who said he was a nuclear scientist and during our discussion he said the problem is we are too clever, I paused and said I don't agree the problem is we are too sexual, we are fucking every other species off the planet.

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  • 2 weeks
    "Anyone concerned about mental health should also join with social movements >>> "

    -> trying to end American imperialism". From Baffler. (Colette Shade)

    Yeah, I tend to agree with this line of thinking. Go to the source/root of the problem. Otherwise it will be battle with no end ....

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  • 3 weeks
    Offtopic: Telescope!

    Quite big one!

    Talk in russian but video itself international enough, I hope .. 36 min

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  • 5 weeks
    Currently reading ....


    Well, I think this author is truely wise, observational and intellectual. Even if purely spiritual aspects of those writings are not resonating with me - human experience and thoughts around them definitely are! Highly recommended even for this reason alone.

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Photoshop and GIMP: not very cooperative... · 8:51am Nov 8th, 2018

.... at least when it comes to text layers inside PSD files. In theory, today (2018) whole text stylization done in specific Adobe-created markup language can be decoded, but integration of this info in GIMP (2.10.x) not yet done:


Comment 32 Jehan 2018-04-16 13:58:53 UTC
So I had a quick look, because looking at raw formats is always fun. So getting the text contents is really easy, and the official spec explains well the format. For instance in the file from comment 30, at offset 0x49d4, what they call the "Additional Layer Information" in the spec starts for the text layer.
In there we find the text data as unicode (as a "Descriptor structure" of type "TEXT").

But the main problem is that all the styling seems to be done in a raw data "descriptor structure" (starting at offset 0x4ad5 until 0x7035).
Even though this part is not described in the spec, this would be easy enough to reverse engineer, especially since this raw data uses a lot of strings.

But while I was looking for other projects, I discover this Python library (MIT license) which already does the job (I tested it), and has the text layer support:

> from psd_tools import PSDImage
> psd = PSDImage.load('text_layer.psd')
> psd.layers[0].style_spans[0]

-> this returns the whole text styling (broken into spans of text), which font info, color, "FauxBold", "FauxItalic", underline, and a whole bunch of properties which we don't support yet.

I am mostly wondering if we should continue to have our own implementation of PSD decoding, considering that others seem to do the job (this library seems maintained, and has recent commits). Of course, being a Python lib means that PSD support will be dependent on whether Python option is built in GIMP. Also we'd need to make sure this lib doesn't break other features we have.

But this may make our job much easier if we start depending on a third party.

Anyway setting a 2.10 milestone because I'll want to have a closer look to this feature for a 2.10.x. I'll see then if it makes sense to port our plug-in to a third-party dep, or if I should just continue our own implementation.

So, in the meantime there are sites like https://studio.psdetch.com/, they allow you to at least copy out txt out of PSD file (tested with one file), but then may be you can try more exotic extractors like https://github.com/layervault/psd.rb (PSD file information extractor in Ruby programming language, not yet tested here).

But while looking at all this not-yet-done libre graphics stuff I revisited (after long pause) http://libregraphicsworld.org/ and found this specific blogpost:


But maybe one of the most challenging projects is NOWHERE, an indie game that she’s been working on with her husband, Leonard Ritter. It’s an alien life simulator, for which Leonard is currently building a procedural open source engine Tukan.
NOWHERE is focused on social artifical intelligence, trading, exploring, cultivating, making friendships, and maintaining peace.

. Sounds topical enough!

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