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Just an artist here, but sometimes I write about pony plots.

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H-hey Guys... Long Time... New Story Coming and Editing Help, Please? · 12:56am Nov 8th, 2018

So hey all... Umm... Remember me? :fluttercry: I'm the guy that wrote the weird Human on pony smut...

Well... anyways, I hope some of you are still around. I got a new story coming down the pips. And I know I still have Lightnings Bet and Redheart's Patient to finish and those are still slowly being picked away at... But over on my Patreon I had a vote for a comic I would work on and the people Voted for a story where Rainbow Dash bangs her dad. So, that is what I am working on. I took some days off work and I am working on the script for it right now, but I'm doing it in a story format so I can post it here for you guys to enjoy. It's currently sitting at 7k words and is looking to be a 12k or so one shot. Mostly all clop... and a little romance and lovey dovey crap. Also this one will be a little fetish heavey. More so then my older stuff, but its fetish stuff that I am into, like cervical penetration and some cuminflation... Anyways, I am here because I was wondering if anyone (who still watches me) can help me with editing while I work on this. I've been doing it in chunks and I need someone who is good with spelling and grammar to go over what I have so far... Would anyone be willing to help? Send me a message here or in private if you have the time. Thank you! :twilightsmile:

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Comments ( 39 )

I'd help as long as there are no dad puns.

Viva la puss puss!

Our lord and savior is back!

Glad to see you back! Unfortunately, I can't help you though...:ajsleepy:

I'd be happy to look through a chapter or three to offer up some editing.

Absolutely, few holds barred.

I'd be interested.

Oh? Would you now? :ajsmug: You got time do look over it now? :rainbowwild:

"weird human on pony" you will have to be more specific

No chapters this time. Just one long clop shot. :raritydespair:

I can edit if you still need people.

In two or three hours perhaps. After that, o can go all night long~ :ajsmug:

I ain't no good at higher level English Grammar :ajsmug:. Wish ya luck finding a skilled editor, and can't wait to see how it turns out.

You would with some lewd things?

Scratch that, I can go now.

Welcome back again! :pinkiehappy:
I'm no real editor, but if you need it, I'm willing to try. Multiple eyes and perspectives and all that. :rainbowderp:
If not, it's all kool. I eagerly await anything you put out! :rainbowwild:
Flutter on!:twilightsmile:

Wowsers, I wasn't sure when we'd see you back! (I had faith though...:ajsmug:)
Always good to see a decent one-shot, and I'll look forward to seeing where you take us, cheers :yay:

“I wrote that weird human of pony stuff”

Lmao bruh why would any of us degenerates care?

Good to see you again though, wish I could offer editing service but I’ll just settle for the finished product.

Oh hell yeah! Currently editing for Webdog117's Summoning Twilight.

Cervical penetration and cumflation, you say?...

Color me interested, and willing to help edit.

I’m no editor myself, but if this dude can take off work for a story, he deserves the editors he needs!

Glad my favorite writer is back

I'm glad you're back at it but not gonna lie I fell you ought to finish those other stories you started first.

I can certainly lend my hand to help you out, if you're still needing people :heart:

Cum Inflation, Cervix Penetration, Dad x Daughter incest, Rainbow Dash subtly slips in impreg

You're hitting the head on all of my kinks, Pusspuss, why are you exciting me like this?

I’ll lend a hand if needed/wanted.

Our glorious overlord is returning! Rejoice!

While I'd love to help with pre-reading, I have fallen out of that... but I'll do my best to find some time to read it once it's out. Excitement intensifies!

Frig I lost a bet, Puss restarted his writing sooner than I did, darn you Puss. :rainbowwild:

Good to see you.
Sadly I don't have too much free time on my hands.
Write on

I'm sorry I'm unable to lend a hand at this time but I am happy to see you back.


I'll help between work shifts.

I'm sorry snow! :raritycry:

I found someone, but thank you!

our lord and savior puss puss the mighty has returned!! ALL HAIL THE PUSS PUSS <3

THE HOLY ONE HAS RETURNED! REJOICE! :raritystarry: :heart:

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