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Wholesome Rage content · 12:31pm Nov 7th, 2018

When Ross James is sick, I get to indulge in my magic blog hobby. Today, I'm talking about vampires!

You can find it here.

(Also I guess some elections happened last night but I feel more optimistic about those now).

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The crossover I never knew I wanted.

(Also, shame on you. There are totally vampirates; they're just all on Lorwyn and very squishy. :raritywink:)

Look just because there are knight horse eldrazi elf merfolk warriors all over Llorwyn doesn't mean that counts as tribal support.

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Hah, I love these blogs, I don't know why, keep posting them. :D

Have you seen this?

Also, what the hell is a saga Magic just keeps getting more and more ridiculous every time I see it.

How to Saga, using History of Benalia:

The turn you play it: Once upon a time, there was a guy on a horse.
The next turn: Then there was another guy on a horse.
The turn after that: Then all the guys on horses got swole for a bit. The end.

Yeah, I'd been stressing out for months about the elections worst-case scenario. American democracy is by no means fixed, but at least we slid onto a ledge rather than off a cliff.

1) Yes, seen the ProZD video. It's great. KCI combo in the abstract is fun to walk through, even if I think Dairytown Stax Combo is a bit janky for the current meta.

Also, Sagas were these cool little gimmicky enchantments that got released in Dominaria. Weirdly, I have a more ambitious piece planned about them for some time in the future (no promises on when). The short version is that they're all enchantments that tell a "story" over three turns - the turn you play them something happens, then the next turn something happens, and on the third turn another thing happens and then they go away. Some of them, like History of Benalia, are strong enough they've become relevant to the conversation about competitive Magic.

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I'm just floored by the vertical layout. I mean, I thought those Planeswalker cards were pushing the limits of design space. Geez.

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