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Some Questions of Interest · 11:11pm Nov 6th, 2018

Chances are that if you're reading this, the 2018 American mid-term election has transpired, and there's a good chance that if you're an American voter you drove, or were driven, to cast your votes on your preferred congressmen (or women).

There were a lot of people who told you to go out and vote. A lot of people wrote blogs about it on this site alone, not to mention blogs on other sites you might be visiting, on top of numerous websites like Google telling you the same thing.

It's the same command every time. Never a question or a request, but a hard statement. A command.

Go out and vote!

Now that you've done so, I'd like to ask you several questions.

Why did you do it? Did you do it because you wanted to? Because you felt like it? Because you perceived it as your duty as a citizen? Or because someone kept nagging you about it?

Where did you go? Did you drive yourself? Did you take a taxi, or a private equivalent? Did you go alone or with someone? Your friends? Your family? A platonic or romantic partner? Did you vote for the same people? Different people? Different parties?

Did you think about who you were voting for? Are you the kind of person who votes for the individual, or the party that individual represents? Or are you the kind of person who is presumed to vote for representatives of the same party the majority of the time, based more on your allegiance to said party than any individual's merits? Did you vote for a certain person based on their race? Sex? Education? Religious leanings? Hairdo? Tone of voice?

Did you leave the booth with the comforting thought that your decision was informed? That you did the proper research on all the options presented to you? Did you look at the candidates and examine their respective histories and policies? Did you go in knowing who you were going to vote for? Did you have to think about it some more once you got there?

Was the whole process deliberate, requiring a good deal of effort and thought, like studying for an exam? Or was it more mechanical, almost instinctual, like brushing your teeth or stirring your coffee a certain number of revolutions with a spoon? A spoon of the same size that you like to use for stirring your coffee every morning or afternoon? Did you think about the size of the spoon? How many times you stirred?

Did you think about what you were doing?

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Comments ( 3 )

I voted as an act of harm reduction for my vulnerable comrades. Voting is just a tiny part of year round activism and organizing. I biked there. I researched most of the candidates and propositions and those I didn’t I relied on a progressive friend’s recommendation.



Proud to say I voted. But made sure I was an informed voter. I believe voting without knowing anything about the candidates is useless.

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