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Will I ever fully come back? Maybe. Not right now though. We vibing though. PM if ya want? Might take a bit to reply. [they/them/xey/xem/it]

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  • 104 weeks
    kinda follow up (katie love i'm so sorry i'm not in bed yet-) to last blog

    i've spent literal hours looking for the drama in my blog posts and looking at it and reading it?

    oh i was definitely jealous but not in the way they thought i was dndsjk
    babey gay didn't realize they were crushing hard on their best friend

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  • 104 weeks
    you ever miss old friends

    even ones you're not friends w anymore?

    hate that feeling

    there's also another friend but like
    idek if we're still actually friends we barely talk and i was going through her old blog posts and found our old drama and that shit hurted
    and it kinda
    makes me wonder whether we were friends again in the first place

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  • 107 weeks

    i was supposed to come back for nigh 24 hours for my birthday lmao

    And Then I Didn't Do That

    happy pride month tho

    i can't believe i got so bored i remembered i was supposed to be on over a month ago jkskjdasj

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  • 118 weeks
    what the fuck it's my fimversary

    why is that even still in my calendar

    feel free to leave questions ig? i'm likely gonna be super bored later [unless some stuff happens idk] so i'll prob pop on again and answer them [i'd also be down to just like, conversing or smth]

    also like
    what are we feeling for what to do while i'm here all day in May? i have no plans it some times it feels like it's coming fast haha

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  • 120 weeks

    hi i check in every few days but i don't really
    do much
    came on today to find
    a new follower! wack how did that happen i don't do anything

    but i've gotten into the habit of looking at people's blogs on tumblr that follow me there so i can block them if i need to so when i used that habit here i found

    them comforting a homophobe!
    mmmmmmmm don't like that

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Official Goodbye 1/2 · 3:51pm Nov 6th, 2018

As some may have noticed, I haven't been very active on here lately, and at this point there's few people who I still care about that's somewhat active.

I'm just
So fucking done
And keeping this account active has become a bother

It's not like I'm still watching the show
Or still reading the fics in my library

I will say that to the majority of people that follow me, as we've likely never spoken, I have neutral feelings towards you and this departure is not your fault. It is my own choice and I'm choosing to leave.

Any stories I have that are unfinished will be marked cancelled. If anyone wants to take over Celestia's Replacement, PM me so I can give you some information on Ash and her brother, as well as add your name (and possibly the link) to the story's description. This is a first come first serve deal. If you can't PM me, I've probably blocked you and definitely don't want you picking it up.

A note on that: Ash and her brother are still very much my characters. I can do with them as I please. If you see either of them being used by someone other than me let me know (PM me - I don't get emails for comments), because I may have given them permission, but I also might not have.

I'm not going quite yet (there's gonna be another blog that'll have some music tacked onto the end that'll have ways to contact me that isn't here), and I don't want this page permabanned for reasons stated above.

Comments ( 15 )

Bye, have fun. Hope you got a good life ahead Fluffy,

Really sucks, the site will feel empty without you.

I wish you the best.

If this is goodbye. Stay safe and have a happy life. You'll be missed

I'm gonna miss you, but it's your choice, I wish you the best

Nuuuuuu. We'll miss u:fluttercry:

Hey Fluffy, I guess I knew this day would come. *sigh* I too shall miss you and I wish you the best o' the best in everything. I hope you will always do well and be well. :twilightsmile: This site won't be the same, and how can it be with it losing you.

Stay awesome, and thank you sincerely for all the fun we had. :scootangel:

-Wonderbolt Writer.

You too
Sorry, but I just feel like my time here has passed
And to you as well
I'll do my best
And to you as well
I'll miss you too

Love you all! 💙

It's a heap of a lot more than that. Well at least to me. :pinkiesmile:

And heck, with everywhere else you are, you'll be around. Unless you quit the internet.

Take care my friend.

We may haven't talked too much with each other, but can we talk one day in Discord?

Hey Fluffy, it's been a very long time, but how are you?

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