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Hasbro has more leaks than my faucet..... they should fix it

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Metal gear has infected me... · 12:44am Nov 6th, 2018

remember the titanic?

Remember jojos bizarre adventure?

Remember the old colgate commercials?

Remember how jesus saved us all?

Remember how 3cpo lost his arm?

Remember how dogs have weird bald spots?

Remember dispicable me 3?

Remember that speach from fallout?

remember how sponge bob failed his written test in boating class?

Remember kim jong un getting pissed or looking concerned?

remember sheldon from the big bang theory and he needed anwsers?

Remember the church lady who walked door to door?

(ill be making more of these)

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The part of Raiden and Rose is actually a reference to the Titanic film.

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