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What do you want to see? · 8:50pm Nov 5th, 2018

So the Anthology is about exploring other stories that can't be put in the main book. Characters, events, and other things like different angles of perspectives. If you want to see something, I take requests. I want to see what you want to see or explore! That is the fun of the Anthology! And we are halfway though Book 2, so I know you guys have something you want to learn more about. Fire away!

Report Mindrop · 107 views · Story: Shaping Shadow: Anthologies · #Requests
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Comments ( 3 )

I would like to see marble falls point of view when the last mission went over filly. That and the immediate effects would be an interesting read

I will put that on the list! I am almost done with writing Derecho's story, so I will begin it soon and have it out as soon as possible.

I'll keep an eye out for it 👍

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