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Watching the most recent episode of The Flash... · 3:42am Nov 3rd, 2018

...And to my utmost amusement, the villain of the week is a snooty online personality obsessed with Internet fame and a superpowered phone that can affect the outside world.

Gee, I didn't know that Vignette Valencia had gotten a job with the CW. :rainbowlaugh:

More seriously though, I did really like the episode. Partly because - as ludicrous as the idea of a superpowered phone is - they actually used it in a pretty effective villainous way. Spencer (or as the guide called her "Spin") uses her superpowered phone to influence people to cause disasters that fit her pre-written stories and posts, winning her more and more followers and fame. Pretty nasty stuff, especially when you do things like make a police officer try and bomb a charity softball game... :twilightoops:

One thing I'm REALLY glad that they didn't get into with her powers though, was that they didn't have her use her (for lack of a better word) "news powers" to influence people's love lives or something. Wasn't until after the fact that I realized she could tried to ship The Flash with XS, and ugh that makes me shiver to think about...

(And also, another thing that helps the episode is that they consistently portray Spencer as an entitled glory hound and don't expect us to feel sorry for her or anything. I know that The Flash and Equestria Girls are two completely different forms of entertainment, but the similarities between Vignette and Spin are strong enough that I readily appreciated the fact that they don't try to make us suddenly feel sorry for the selfish and snooty fame-seeker.)

Anyway, been really enjoying the CW's current offering of TV shows. Legends of Tomorrow continues to be glorious campy fun with some occasional genuine drama and heart beneath the camp; The Flash continues to leave the bad memory of Season Three in the dust; Supergirl has given us its best villains in years; and Black Lightning continues to be a slam-dunk.

Definitely optimistic about where they go from here. :twilightsmile:

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