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I found this sign on October 26th · 11:46pm Oct 30th, 2018

Because October 26th is the best day to celebrate Christmas cheer, am I right?

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Gotta get the shoppers in early.

I see that the sign fills you with excessive amounts of what it is advertising, Red! :pinkiehappy:

I used to work at Walmart. That year, they played Christmas music from the first of October until the end of March the following year.

Yeah, and I've hated Christmas music ever since.

Wanderer D

You look so joyful

I understand your pain.

I can't wait for the radio stations to skip Thanksgiving and play Christmas music in a couple days :unsuresweetie:

Author Interviewer

You do not appear to be j o y

Do you require assistance with j o y?

Walmart's Christmas lights have been out here all month. I've been tempted to decorate a pumpkin with them again.

Burn it all with fire. All of the fire. All of it!


I'd say don't get me started on this topic, but it seems I'm not the only one. I like Christmas, but society tries every year to make me hate it. Christmas is *one day long*. Making it last an *entire quarter* cheapens it and ruins the magic. I can see enjoying the Christmas 'season' and thus making the holiday feel longer than a day, but December is sufficient for that. I therefore refuse to acknowledge Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving. And Christmas must be gone by the day after New Years'. I even have two pony music playlists, simply to exclude all the Christmas and Hearth's Warming songs from one of them.

Way back in college I used to work at a Hallmark. Every year Hallmark introduces their ornaments with a "Christmas in July" event. Really? Is that *really* necessary? It contributes to ruining the holiday.

I know how it feels. I mean come on people it's not December yet!

Santa is the strongest and most frightening monster of them all, for he devoured Halloween and spit out its bones.

Your expression makes this picture.

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