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Epilogue to "A Flash of Regret" going up shortly · 6:29pm Oct 30th, 2018

So today I reread all of "A Flash of Regret" in preparation for writing one, maybe two more chapters to wrap it all up nice and neat.

And then I realized...I pretty much already did that.

I can't honestly think of anything else I want to do with this story. So I'm slapping an epilogue on it and marking it Complete.

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Comments ( 4 )

Neat. Look forward to reading it.

Wouldn't mind seeing a sequel to this in the future as well! It was really fun and I enjoyed the whole story!

Thanks. A sequel is extremely unlikely since I'm not planning to launch any new MLP/EG projects at this time.

Ah well, maybe someday you can peek back in on their little universe and see what shenanigans happened while we were not looking! :rainbowlaugh:

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