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Welp, I Disappointed Myself · 5:19am Oct 30th, 2018

I said that I was going to write as much as I could with my Halloween high. Well, it's almost Halloween, and I have made very little progress on Brotherly Bonding Time. I swear, it's always the beginning scenes of a chapter that always get me stuck in some bad writer's block (where while you know the big picture, the details escape you, especially when hopping from one subject to the next), and it doesn't help that I get distracted by stupid games and videos too easily and that I've been in a bit of a Miraculous Ladybug mood as of late (random ideas of Miraculous CheesePie/Flormato AUs keep invading my brain... I'll save that one for after that show's season finale finally airs, pbbt).

That's not even going into real life obligations. Blegh, I need to use my free time better.

It's frustrating, really, there are some songs on my Mp3 that I listen to to remind me of scenes that I want to get to, or reminding me of what I've written before and how far I've gotten in this monster. Relatively speaking, in terms of the entire long story of that crazy summer vacation, it's almost over, it's late August in the fic, and I'm close to wrapping things up. Still, in terms of the "episode" that I'm writing, that's frankly just beginning.

And the thought of writing the climax to the entire story is daunting. Heh, and I thought the fire scene from The Rock Farmer's Daughters was nerve-wracking. There's a lot more for me to cover with Brotherly Bonding Time's climax!

I'm worried that I won't be able to finish the fic before my sister Artsy Notes comes home from her mission in December. I thought I was getting into a groove this year, but then I fell flat on my face, and my deadline is fast approaching.

Excuse me, I just needed to vent. I'll save my thoughts on the Best Gift Ever for after Halloween.

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Don't worry about it. You're done when you're done. Besides, everyone needs some time to procrastinate once in a while! :derpytongue2:

Just go at your own pace for the big finale. Better than rushing it, I'd say. :twilightsmile:

Huh, haven't seen Best Gift Ever yet. Better go do that.

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