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A New Yorker who likes anime, games, and good brony fanfic.

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No BronyCon Highlight today :( · 7:39pm Oct 28th, 2018

I was looking forward to typing down the next of the BronyCon Highlights, but another engagement (which my aunt only reminded me of today) is in the way. With any hope, I'll be able to set fingers to keyboard and get to "Family Feud and the Ponies' Court" next Sunday.

In other news, the most recent blog post from Estee revealed that Estee's car broke down at the worst possible moment. (Blog post is here.)

Given what people have said in the comments, it could be as serious as the engine or as mundane as the fuel pump. Please continue to pray for Estee, and if you are able to, please consider giving at Ko-Fi as well. People's Ko-Fi donations have been going towards bringing some stability (see the aforementioned blog), so we know that it is helping.

Love the truth; tolerate no darkness.

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