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Let R = { x | x ∉ x }, then R ∈ R ⟺ R ∉ R... or is it?

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Bingo 9 from Outer Space · 7:46am Oct 28th, 2018

Remember my Season 7 bingo card generator? The one that everyone liked, but so few people actually used?

Yep, you guessed it, we decided to do it again, seeing as how Season 8 is over, and Season 9 is supposed to be the last one and all.

Season 9 Bingo Card Generator

Traditional rules of bingo apply:

  1. Make yourself a card. The number of possible cards is huge,(1)} reroll until you get one you like – the numbers in this one go to 119.
  2. Watch season 9 as it airs.
  3. When the events observed in the series match those described in a box, cross that box out.
  4. The box in the middle marked “Free Hugs” counts as already crossed out.
  5. The first viewer to cross out a complete horizontal, vertical or diagonal row of cells wins.

In case anyone is wondering “what did they mean when they said X,” this version of the bingo comes with tooltips over every box, clarifying what we did, actually, mean, as well as a reference section on the page listing all such clarifications.

Enjoy, spread, rehost – this still uses my usual trick of being the webpage equivalent of a standalone executable file, so you can download it and put it somewhere else if you like. Have fun. :twilightsmile:

Meanwhile Shrink Laureate has a related announcement for you.

P.S. For reference, here’s what the tiles look like.

(1) 5396512458912099578052546803948448963939532800000, unless I bungled my math horribly.

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Some boxes are supposed to be near impossible. :twilightsmile:

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