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apropos of nothing · 1:33am Oct 28th, 2018

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Comments ( 9 )

um... r u ok? You worried me. Please say u r ok. :fluttercry:

whats wrong? you want to talk about it?

you lost what sweetie?

Don't say that. you are not. Don't let anyone say you are.

Mmmm why were you writing?
Maybe acceptance...
Let me tell you something about it
If these were the reasons, you didn't even get any chance from the beginning

As author you write because there is a wonderful, enigmatic, epic, chaotic, even lewd Part of your mind were a world is held
You write because you envision that world and you want to see it coming to be

The mind is not a place to a good story to be
And Us the readers are at best lucky to see a glimpse of those places

As a writer train yourself, be better, change, your style, practice, accept the positive criticism and evolve that is how you became better at writing

But as an author always and forever write for yourself because that was the point of writing

End a story just because is not well received is betraying that part of your mind were those world's are born

Lost? Lost what? How do you lose something when writing? Writing shouldn't be about keeping or winning or not losing something, it should be about exploring something you wanted to explore or just writing something you would've liked to read, yourself. I can't say I know your current situation, and I can't say I know exactly what your feelings are right now, but I can tell you that I know how it feels to have something you've made be shit on by other people. It hurts, it sucks, but there's not much you can do about it. You've only got four options at that point; conform to the hate, ignore the hate, make a compromise, or quit. The fourth one's the easiest, but it feels the worst.

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