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Well, this a fan of MLP who has just started to watch the show. And I like what I see!

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The Fourteen Tribes of the Broken Star Universe · 2:32am Oct 27th, 2018

For this universe there are fourteen different tribes of ponies.

Bat Tribe: good night vision; leathery wings for the Bat-Pegasi and all have tufted ears. Their magic is more inclined to darkness.
Alicorns: Nocturne and Luna.
Ascension: ???
Ascension: Born as one.

Cloud tribe: weather-controllers.
Alicorn: Nimbus
Ascension: While all pegasi (regardless of tribe) and Cloud ponies could walk on clouds before, Nimbus (a Cloud unicorn) invented a means to allow unicorns and earth ponies of the other tribes to cloud-walk as well; their spell became widespread and still survives in the modern day.

Crystal tribe: crystal bodies that are near impervious to damage.
Alicorns: Hard Head, Cadance
Ascension(Hard Head): The oldest of the current alicorns beside Faust, he was a unicorn that created the Crystal Heart to connect his tribe to each other, using the light and love within all of them to repel evil powers and spread positive emotions across the world.
Ascension(Cadance): Was a pegasus that pushed her talent for love magic beyond its limits thanks to a cosmic spectrum pendant, reversing a spell that stole love and instead spread it to everypony around, including the original spell’s caster who was becoming corrupted by hatred and greed.

Electric tribe: able to produce electricity from their body and one of the more technologically advanced tribes.
Alicorns: Direct Current, Volt
Ascension: ???
Ascension: ???

Flutter tribe: smaller and more timid ponies but much more in tune with nature than the other tribes.
Alicorns: Tiny Terror, Celestia
Ascension: ???
Ascension: Born as one.

Ice tribe: have powers over cold and ice.
Alicorn: Soft Snow
Ascension: Was a pegasus that managed to stop an out of control blizzard by herself.

Light Tribe: possess glowing bodies; power develops into something more as they gain control,
Alicorn: Luminescence
Ascension: ???

Sound tribe: very good hearing and vocal manipulation.
Alicorn: Big Beat
Ascension: Was an unicorn street performer who decided to take on the bets that she couldn’t play more instruments and ended up playing an entire orchestra by herself  

Speed tribe: Quick nature ponies with multi coloured manes or coats.
Alicorn: Velocity
Ascension: She was an earth pony courier that ran across the entire continent's shoreline during an invasion to the point the ponies had by the second updated information  

Volcano tribe: Great fire immunity and control.
Alicorn: Helios
Ascension: Was an earth pony that managed to tame an erupting volcano from wiping out his entire village.

Water tribe - have fishy tails and aquatic adaptations; nicknamed “seaponies”
Alicorns: Undertow, Deep Current.
Ascension (Undertow): Used his pegasus magic to fight back a large pod of very large sharks that were threatening his village.
Ascension (Deep Current): Battled the monstrous octopus Squirk, who amused himself with senseless acts of villainy and was planning to use his inherent water magic to sink and destroy an entire continent for the fun of it; during the battle, Deep Current used her own inherent magic over water to hold back the floodwaters and ultimately turn them against Squirk, using the water to transport him all the way through the gates of Tartarus before ascending.

Pegasus tribe (alicorn: none) - one of three alicornless tribes; made up of tribeless/banished pegasi.

Unicorn tribe (alicorn: none) - one of three alicornless tribes; made up of tribeless/banished unicorns.

Earth pony tribe (alicorn: none) - one of three alicornless tribes; made up of tribeless/banished earth ponies.

I hope you enjoy this bit of background information and sorry for not updating more.

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Interesting :moustache:

Not at the moment, but i'll get back to you if i think of any as i haven't read the story yet... will soon tough :moustache:

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