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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety; I also have a Let's Play channel. :twilightsmile:

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    TL;DR - Check out my gaming channel.

    Hey, everyone, just popping in with a quick blog to remind you about something.

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    Another Reading

    StraightToThePointStudio has done a reading of the second chapter of Get Strawbe-Wrecked, as well as the sequel written by Strawberry Sunrise, which you can find below.

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    Sequel Revoked

    'Strawbe-Rematch' has been revoked because one of the mods sees it as 'a chapter of the same story submitted as a separate upload.' I can't honestly say that I agree with this, but the same time I know I can't argue about it.

    Regardless of what I think, the sequel has been added as a new chapter to Get Strawbe-Wrecked.

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Collab Is Back On! · 1:51pm Oct 26th, 2018

Hey, remember that collab I said I was going to do?

Well, I sure as hell didn't; I was only reminded of it because someone on the UK Bronies and Pegasisters Discord server mentioned that they'd like to do a collab again. Given that I (hopefully) have a few more people to help contribute to this thing, I have removed it from the back burner and declared that it is ready to have more ingredients added to it. (Sorry for the bad phrasing; I'm not much of a cook.)

Here are the rules:

1) You have until November 16th to write and submit your story.
2) Stories must be written in first person from the OC's point of view. They've come across you, a human, in a location of your choosing; you must write what happens next.
3) Stories must be between 1,000 and 5,000 words.
4) Stories must be set in the version of Equestria that exists in the show; you are allowed to determine what season you arrive in, but you are not allowed to warn your OC of future events. This means you can't arrive in the middle of Season Two and tell them about the impending invasion of Canterlot.
5) Only one entry per person.
6) Stories must have a maximum 'Teen' rating.
7) No crossovers.
8) Participation in the previous collab is not required to take part in this one.
9) By taking part in this collab, you agree to me editing your story (bearing in mind that I will change it to use British English).
10) You also agree to me including your contribution in a PDF of the collab, which will be made available for download shortly after publishing.

Write your stories any way you want - though Google Docs is preferred - then either PM a link to me here, or via Discord (GeodesicDragon#8228). I will get started on organising my own entry, as well as the ones I'd received prior to the project going on, er, hiatus.

Get creative, and stay awesome!

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