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"Sensation" at Ciderfest · 2:09am Oct 25th, 2018

Hey there, folks!

In case you're going to Ciderfest, I'll have copies of the physical edition of "Sensation" available. As always, they'll be pay-what-you-want with a suggested price of $35, and I'll be happy to sign them.

If you want a good time to find me, I'm giving a panel called "Start to Finish: Starting and Ending Your Story" on Friday at 3:30 in the Caramel room. I hope to see you there!


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Comments ( 4 )

I will be there.

Sweet! I'm the Programming Director there. Hit me up on Twitter @vividsyntax or around the con if you see me

Where is this located? Chances are stupid high I won't be able to make it, but I'm asking anyways.


The panel was Friday. I'll be around the convention all day today

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