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"Eroraf what the hay, when's the next chapter?" · 5:10am Oct 24th, 2018

Soon? *ducks tomatoes*

Actually, the next chapter is a good ways away. First I need to get through my qualifying exam, which has been pushed back to early December. Once that's over with, I'll be going through what I've already written and making some edits, courtesy of the wonderful Lets Do This, another Daybreaker fan and a marvelously talented writer!

Once that is done, I can get to work on the next chapter, which will FINALLY (hopefully) get to the real meat of the story. Maybe I'll actually make a clear outline first instead of writing by the seat of my pants like I have been.

Altogether, I'd say it'll be sometime in January at the earliest, although I might try to get at least some of the edits done for the story's anniversary. That said, I hope that when the new chapter finally comes out, it will be worth the wait.

In the meantime, have a Sunbutt.

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