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Math for Horse Fun Sticks · 1:30am Oct 19th, 2018

This is just a little note for me for a few of my stories.

I've noticed that when people make Anthro Pony stories, they tend to make the Average Height of the Ponies to be positively Gigantic! Especially in stories that have the "Hyper" Fetish. But that got me wondering where those measurements come from? Well, after doing many searches in Google. I have figured it out!

The average Horse Length, (which is used for the Giant Ponies is 2.4 Meters long or 7.87402 Feet), knowing that. These measurements make a lot more sense.

Average Anthro-Pony, (by the length of real horses which is 2.4 meters long), in Height:
Pegasus = 7.6 feet
Unicorn = 7.8 feet
Earth Pony = 7.10 feet

Average Anthro-Pony, (by the height of real horses which is 68 inches or 5.7 feet), in height:
Pegasus = 5.4 feet
Unicorn = 5.7 feet
Earth Pony = 5.10 feet

Average Height of a pony, (Using real "Small" Pony measurements(which the average is 50 inches):
Pegasus is 46 Inches = 3.8 Feet
Unicorn is 48 Inches = 4.0 Feet
Earth Pony is 50 Inches = 4.16 feet

By Cartoon Measurements
Pegasus = 3'0"
Unicorn = 3'2"
Earth Pony = 3'4"

Unicorns tend to be in the middle in terms of everything. So using them as the general average is quite viable.

The average MLP penis is something around 8 inches in comparison to real ponies. If we were to use Size of Body = Average Size of Phallace.

Real ponies, however, are on average 14’’ inches long and 2.75’’ inches in diameter. To give that some perspective in real-world size. A coke can is 4.83" inches in length 2.13" inches in diameter at the lid, and 2.6" inches in diameter at the waist.

So, knowing this, most people tend to use the real-world sizes for Smut, rather than MLP Cartoon sizes. Not only for Non-Anthro stories but Anthro ones. Especially Anthro stories.

Average “Pony” Unicorn/Pegasus/Earth Pony is 14’’ inches long and 2.75’’ inches in diameter.
By Real Measurments:
Pegasus = 12"
Unicorn = 14"
Earth Pony = 16"
By Cartoon Measurments:
Pegasus = 6"
Unicorn = 8"
Earth Ponies = 10"

Average “Small” Alicorn (Luna/Cadence/Twilight) penis size is 22’’ inches long and 3.5’’ inches in diameter. (Average Horse Size).
By Real Measurements:
Twilight = 20"
Cadence = 22"
Luna = 24"
By Cartoon
Twilight = 10"
Cadence = 12"
Luna = 14"

Average “Large” Alicorn (Celestia/Daybreaker/Nightmare Moon) penis size is 28’’ inches long and 5’’ inches in diameter. (Average Large Horse Size).
By Real Measurements:
Nightmare Moon = 26"
Celestia = 28"
Daybreaker = 30"
By Cartoon Measurements:
Nightmare Moon = 14"
Celestia = 16"
Daybreaker = 18"

Jesus. Even by Cartoon Logic, Alicorns are Huge!

Yes, I wasted over an hour doing Math on Horse Dicks. You may judge me.

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Comments ( 8 )

Well, I'm going to remember this for years now, thank you.

Talk about breaking it down for everyone. Good work:twilightsmile:

When reading any anthro story; I've always pictured them at human size of ~5.5ft with Celestia ~6.5ft. It feels normal than a 7ft pony to 5ft human

Do you write on other sites if so could I get a link? I enjoy your stories.

I don't know which im more suprised by
The fact you acctualy spent time calculating this
Or that the answer acctualy makes sense to me.

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