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  • 1 week
    Hey, want to feel instantly a creaking ancient relic, OR~ like a confused baby with no idea what the adults are talkign about?

    Joke aside, I wonder if there's enough Jetson fans left, that are also preggers, that this causes an uptick in the name 'George' that makes statisticians scratch their heads for a bit in thirty-forty years?

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  • 5 weeks

    Tis' the day today! :yay:

    ...Of turning 35. :fluttershbad:

    The joke aside, was a pretty good day. Hope it was too you others as well.

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  • 7 weeks
    Dark day for women's rights in the US

    I know I try to avoid politics, but wow. The USA just... well, Roe v. Wade just got overturned.

    Source Link.

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  • 7 weeks
    So~ one of my all-time favorite youtubers is loosing his mind

    Some of you guys might know him. He goes by Life of Boris.

    Bit of an inspiration for me. Barely knew a thing about Slavic culture or food before I started watching him. I was vaguely aware of squatting, track suits and vodka, but that was about it.

    He's always been weird, but normally he's cool-weird. Like that time he made a computer run on vodka.

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  • 8 weeks
    Ark free on steam

    Crosspost from Discord:

    For those of you that hate your hardrive/s and wish it/them to suffer, Ark is currently free on Steam.

    Steam Page.

    Like, Jesus, with the free maps, it's almost 330 gigabyes!

    Heard good things aside from the 'DLC despite being in EA' scandal, but never played it.

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Mystery Skulls Animated - Hellbent · 9:12am Oct 18th, 2018

I'm amazed nobody seems to be talking about this one yet, given what a huge splash both Ghost and Freaking Out made.

:raritystarry: That animation! :raritystarry:

But boy howdy, those are some game-faces being put on. Think I underestimated this cast just~ a tad in the arse-kicking department. :twilightoops:

Scariest thing, though, no doubt? That cliffhanger! Gha! :fluttershbad:

Comments ( 5 )

Time dulls anticipation... unless you're Duke Nukem or Half Life

Do agree that it looks awesome


Yeah... probably, alas. Quick, good, cheap... pick two, as the trite but true line goes.

Accordingly to a quick glance at the blog the team say they had more then their fair share of RL difficulties, and hope to make it around the one year mark for the next one instead of two. Here's to hoping that works out.

I tell you what, though. It is an entirely different experience watching it through on half speed. I recommend it.

This long and they leave us on a literal cliff hanger, heartless are they not? :rainbowlaugh:


The blog has all the flashback stills as high-quility wallpapers if those in particular was what cought your eye.

Link 1 & link 2.

The 'Mystery Ben's Blog' itself is a great read, actually. Lots of setting & character details, quite a few that haven't really shown up in-universe yet, even.

Like for instance, Mr. and Mrs. Pepper. Lewis mom & dad, and three sisters. :twilightoops:Link. Now that meeting's going to be a scene and a half, alright.

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