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Deleted Scene from MFDM Chapter 1 · 7:33am Oct 18th, 2018

For those who have any interest, here's a little bit that was cut from the most recent chapter of Miss Fluttershy's Draconequus Maid:

☀ ☆ ★ ☆ ☾


“I know. The seal has broken. I felt it too.”

“Then why art thou still sitting here?! We must act!”

“Patience. We have no way of tracking her. Unless she makes a move… something big and loud… we have no way of knowing where she is.”

“Then we should be out scouring the streets! Searching for some sign of her! Before she begins her antics again!”

“I’m keeping an eye on social media and news reports. If she does something I’ll know.”

“Bah! You and your modern technology!”

“You should really learn how to use it. Maybe then you won’t be fooled by a literal cut-and-paste photo doctoring.”

“...Thou art never going to let me live that down, are ye?”

“She literally cut out a polaroid picture of Twilight and pasted it over another polaroid.”

“I get it, sister. Can we get back to the problem at hand?!”

“You assume there is a problem.”

She’s free! How is that anything other than a problem?!”

“She’s free… and she’s been free for almost 24 hours now. And yet, she hasn’t turned the entire planet into cake yet.”

“Surely she is merely biding her time! Waiting for the opportune moment to strike!”

“Have you ever known Eris to be one for subtlety? Or for any kind of planning at all?”

“...well what dost thou think is happening instead? Surely thou canst not believe she has renounced her evil ways!”

“Stranger things have happened, sister. Some very recently.”

“Bah. You will lead the mortals to doom with thy ‘wait and see’ attitudes, sister.”

“What I’m more worried about is what else might have awakened. When the seal broke it unleashed a massive wave of chaos energy through the leylines of the planet. Who knows what other sealed, ancient evils might have been awakened or alerted by that.”

“Then we shall take them all down together sister! You and I in glorious combat once more against the ancient evils of the world! The Paladin Goddesses... united again!”

“We can only hope it won’t come to that. Now do you mind? I really need to finish the school's budget report and you standing there in that ridiculous armor is distracting.”

"'Tis armor befitting a mythic heroine such as I!"

"...It has a boob window."

"Indeed! Just like the modern heroes of legend! I have read of them in those... what art they called... comical books?"

"...It's riding up your rear and your legs are completely uncovered."

"All the greatest heroines wear armor such as this! I would know! I have confiscated much from our students over the years!"


"Sister, why dost thou repeatedly ram thy head 'pon thy desk?"

"Just... don't wear that in front of the students."

"Aye, verily!"

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Comments ( 5 )

Holy fuck! You so should have kept that in! That's fantastic! :rainbowlaugh:

This pretty much sells the scene as a whole.

And you deleted that why?

I can only assume that Luna is nigh-invulnerable and thus has no appreciation for the practical concerns of armor.

That is hilarious!

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