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I'm older than your average brony, but then I've always enjoyed cartoons. I'm an experienced reviewer, EqD pre-reader, and occasional author.

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    Sequel to Ambergris

    Lots of people had asked for a sequel to Ambergris, but I felt it wasn't necessary to bring the story to a close. I liked leaving it that it was just heading in the right direction, but that events were far from certain. However, I did have an idea for a later vignette about Aria I thought might be nice to tell. I never did write it.

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    So apparently there's a new story everyone should read, especially because it isn't by me. After the break...

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    Another kind of gimmick story

    Three years ago, I posted a guest column on Chris's blog about some kinds of gimmick stories, how to make them work, some common pitfalls, etc. for epistolary stories, dialogue-only stories, and open endings. There's one more kind that has been on my thoughts lately. More after the break.

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    Post-BronyCon 2019 part 3

    Poor overworked obabscribbler often prefaces her posts with something to the effect of "this should have been posted long ago, but it's late because I'm made of fail." And I have to take the same mea culpa here, as part 2 came so long ago. Some final thoughts after the break.

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    Post-BronyCon 2019 part 2

    Just a quick-hit one today. I was having a discussion with someone. I think it was Sharp Spark, but it might have been Octavia Harmony. I did another blog post once about how to receive feedback from reviewers. At least I think I did. Now I can't find it.

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Wonderful DeftFunk reading of Ragnarok! · 1:43am Oct 18th, 2018

DeftFunk, Nekonyancer and I would occasionally play some online board games, and I remember DeftFunk once saying he'd liked Ragnarok and wanted to do a reading of it. The years went by, and it didn't happen, and DeftFunk kind of disappeared, so I thought it'd just dropped away, but he's back! And he's done a wonderful reading of it. Not just the reading, but there are entertaining visuals and sound effects/music along for the ride, and he has the perfect voice for this Gummy. Check it out!

Report Pascoite · 226 views · Story: Ragnarok · #reading
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Comments ( 2 )
Author Interviewer

He seems to be in a cycle of putting out about one reading a year, with complete radio silence in between. :B It's worth it to get any new readings from him, though!

Very cool!

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