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    Story recommendations

    So in the story Green Fluttershy's mom is a super Bad Ass, and a part of the Royal Guard. This was pre-Canon, sure.

    But we're looking for stories that anyone thinks are good that has that sort of Fluttershy's Mom. A military mare, ultra badass, and in a good story.

    Anyone have any recommendations?

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    My OC.

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    OMC! I'm dying! ROFLMLO

    This vid. The creator made a challenge to make the most over the top demanding, entitled comment possible. My Comment (search A. H. ) was so over the top that I cracked myself up. Basically it was taking all the r/entitledparents, and the r/entitledparents that show up in r/beggingchoosers into

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    Thank all that's holy for Mythril Moth.

    For those who've never read Persona EG you should read it. It's the greatest muse in the history of muses. And one of the many reasons I love Mythril Moth as an author and creative genius.

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  • 141 weeks
    What's the name of this fic?

    I can't seem to find it in my favorites list. So it might've been lost during one of the updates where swaths of my favorited stories got unfaved.

    But there is a shooting star, and ponies make wishes upon it. And those wishes come true. Scootaloo's wish is for Rainbow Dash to be her sister. It's a good story, and I can't for the life of me remember the name of it XD.

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Anyone know why this story was removed? · 10:54pm Oct 16th, 2018

The Worst Bakers in Equestria was here on the site. And was a rather hilarious fic (the link goes to the trope page). But both the story link on the tropes page, and the one I was using on other pages to talk about Beyond the Impossible cooking now goes to a no longer existing story link.

Does anyone know why it got removed? I mean it was an E rated story, had nothing questionable in it, and was pure adorawin. And honestly, one of the better pre-S7 Trixie fics.

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Maybe the user left the site

4954131 Probably.

That seems to be the norm for some authors who leave both the site and the fandom: they deleted everything from their accounts, including their stories.

Also, TheGreatEater?

As for finding this story, try looking for it over on the "FIMFetch" MLP story archive website.
Most stories that get deleted off of here often end up posted on there.

Good luck.

Actually looked up the writer on the site, and the google link did show it no longer exits T_T.

I'll look at Fimfetch. Thank you for that tip ^_^. And you're right about him leaving, I'm feeling sad that there are authors out there who respond to leaving the fandom and or the site by removing everything (including beloved stories).

Yes. TheGreatEater. It's a rather deep inside joke around what a small group of acquaintances of mine me. And a playful jab at Lovecraftian Elder Gods (which my earlier avatar that I can't find anymore was a nod too).

4954145 You're very welcome.
I try to steer folks there is they're looking for stories that have disappeared/been deleted from here as often as I can.
And I agree with you on that one.
A good many of my fave stories have disappeared off of here as the authors left us, their fans and readers, and FIMFIc behind.

Okay, cool.

Could you provide a link to his home page

Um how do I get to Fimfetch

4954165 Well, I do try.:twilightsmile:

4954167 Hmmm, okay, hang on a sec whilst I find the link, okay?

4954194 You're very welcome; glad I could help.

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