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MCU Idea · 4:17pm Oct 15th, 2018

Let's presume that the 4th Avengers movie kills off the core 4 of Steve, Tony, Hulk, and Thor. Because they probably will. Where do we go from here?

Next Spiderman sets up Norman Osborn as experimenting with genetics. He gives Scorpion his powers and busts him and Vulture out of prison, and develops his own Iron Man suit after acquiring Stark tech.

So it is we have the Dark Avengers: "Iron Patriot" (Osborn), "Falcon" (Vulture), and "Spiderman" (Scorpion). Work a Thor Clone in there somewhere, maybe bring back Abomination, and we're all set.

The Dark Avengers lose to the New Avengers to set up their cred, and Norman escapes, maybe to reform the group as the Sinister Six, maybe to modify his Iron Patriot armor into Green Goblin armor for the third Spiderman.

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Comments ( 3 )

A solid idea, but that's assuming SONY is willing to play ball. With the success they just had with Venom, SONY will more than likely keep a tighter hold on the Spider-Man franchise for a while longer.

That... could be very good:trixieshiftright:

Interesting idea, but even if the core 4 are killed off there are still other protectors and if they are killed off other protectors such as Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange could replace them as protectors.

Also how would they get Stark Tech? I feel like it would be heavily protector by Friday.

Still I would love to see this sort of idea in MCU.

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