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This site if full of mentally challenged misanthropes, what the actual fuck · 7:50pm Oct 14th, 2018

I thought bronies were supposed to "love and tolerate" and stuff but apparently I was wrong.

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Obvious troll is obvious.

Aww, are you angered by my post from 20-fucking-18 because you're a sad little misanthropic loser? :-)
It's okay, I've come to expect your kind amongst bronies anyways, so thanks for keeping the stereotype alive. You, sir, are a true brony!

Anyways, just had a looksie on the site again after years, and it still seems pretty rancid with all the human-hating asshats, yourself being no exception of course :). Glad to know that you can always count on a lot of you bronies to be absolutely detached from the real world, seemingly not caring about your family or friends or anyone else for that matter, whilst you repeatedly spout your "Love and Tolerate" bs. Fucking topkek, my man.

I'm not here to make you love humanity or anything, I just find a lot of you bronies to be silly, ironic creatures considering what you supposedly stand for.
So please, go ahead and prove me right again, write another story or type another comment, I won't read it though :-)
Bye bye now and have fun being a miserable fuck, a lot of you bronies really seem to like that. See you never, asshat :-)

PS: Oh, and consider changing your name, you don't deserve it :-)

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