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  • Monday
    Opposite Pokemon universe

    A world of opposites but in Pokemon, all pokemon have opposite types and personalities.

    Example: Mew is usually a curious and kind psychic Pokemon that likes to play around but it's opposite would be a fighting/dark who is more serious and cruel.

    I'd be happy if any of you guys had anymore examples of opposite Pokemon so feel free to comment down below.

    Polaris Solarmoon

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  • 8 weeks
    Royal View Universe

    A universe inspired by the board game chess, why not? Takes place in midevil times. Names may not be changed...

    Queen Flora Braveheart

    King Drocsid Braveheart

    Bishop: Twiliana the Pure

    The Rook piece is represented by the Castle Of Hope which is where the king and queen live.

    Knight no.1: Sir Jacqueline the Honest

    Knight no.2: Sir Dashwave the Reckless

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  • 10 weeks
    Groovy View universe

    A music inspired au sorry in advance, all of the mane six's personalities are all based on music so classical music would be a classy personality and so on so yeah...

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  • 11 weeks
    Golden View Universe

    All I can say is that this au is "Golden".

    So I have an idea, one that'll probably make many go "what are you thinking!" Or "are you insane!?" But I think this will be the most interesting one yet,
    Why you ask? This is another rainboomless au, one where rainbow dash never even existed...

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  • 28 weeks
    A question

    Should I do another story like A New Different View or should I do something else?

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A new origin... · 2:47am Oct 14th, 2018

Name: Twiset Brightmoon

Other names: Glitter Brightstar, Nightmare Darkstar.

Realtions: Eclipse Brightmoon (mother) Solar Tempest (Aunt) Polaris Solarmoon (cousin) Radiance Solarmoon ( cousin)

Bio: an odd mare who is said to be the result of a spell Eclipse Brightmoon did to rid herself of her inner darkness, it succeeded but she lost all of her negative emotions as a result.Twiset herself had one personality at first but after succumbing to her own evils she gained the other self Glitter Brightstar who's cheerful nature contrasts her more serious one. Dispite this they eventually got over their differences and became one, her ability to control Darkness itself was always a part of her, she is the Princess of Darkness.

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