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OC Profiles: Halo Rays and Santana Steel Strings · 2:58am Oct 13th, 2018

Name: Halo Joy Rays
Age: 40
Race: Unicorn
D.O.B: 7-13-78 B.L.
Place of Birth: Larger Unnamed Island on Luna Bay
Any defects?: Suffers from multiple mental illnesses.
Coat Color: Ivory with a patch of Peach over her right eye
Cutie Mark: A sun with a halo around it
Mane/Tail style: Long wavy [mane] medium length wavy [tail]
Mane/Tail color(s): Molasses with a red highlight
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Mares
Relationships: Sienna Bridle (Wife), Raincloud (Mother), Stratosphere (Father), Gloria Rose (Sister [older]), Domino (Brother-in-law [older])
More About: Halo Rays is, by all definitions, a good mare. Needless to say she has her issues. Born 2 months too early, Halo was truly a miracle foal as she was born during a mass power outage due to storms ravaging the island. As a young foal, her parents feared somethings were...off about their youngest daughter. Often talking to her "imaginary friend", she could hold long, stressful conversations with "her" for hours on end. Eventually their deepest fears were realized when she almost killed one of her schoolmates over a stolen lunchbox. After sending her away to a mental hospital at age 9, they got her formally diagnosed with a plethora of mental illnesses. Including Dissociative Identity Disorder as well as Major Depression with Psychotic Features due to a horrific accident that happened to her when she was 4. Halo tried to be a stand up mare and a pony that leads others in society on the outside. Although sometimes she kinda...falls away and somepony else takes control. That pony would be, Santana Steel Strings.

Name: Santana Steel Strings
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Race: Unicorn
D.O.B: 6-06-82 B.L. (Permanently stuck at age 28)
Coat Color: Ivory with a patch of Peach over her left eye
Mane/Tale style: Gelled Mohawk [mane], Messy Bun [tail]
Mane/Tail color: Blood Red with Cobalt Blue highlights
Cutie Mark: Electric Guitar with Devil horns
Place of Birth: Same as Halo
Sexual Preference: Any (she's Pansexual)
More About: As far as other ponies are concerned, Santana is a near double of Halo. The truth is that Santana is the near devil incarnate alternative personality of Halo Rays. She was "born" of the situation in which at age 4, Halo Rays was camping with her family when she was abducted from the small waterhole she was playing in and brutally beaten and raped by an escaped prisoner from the Vanhoover City Prison. Due to this event (that was resolved with the stallion getting caught before dying in Prison before his hearing), Santana originally came about as an almost "guardian" figure for the young filly, before she showed her true colors by the rage she found inside this one little filly. Such a rage corrupted her irreversibly. Turning her into a horrible demon mare, hell-bent on destruction and attempting to corrupt the innocent soul that was Halo Rays. She usually takes her own control and "shuts" Halo away for a while, whilst she wrecks havoc and destruction in her wake. Not even the princesses themselves could stop her.

OCs will be in a future surprise story coming soon!

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