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Comic Book Review: The Goon · 1:05am Oct 12th, 2018

Just in time for the month of October, have a review of a comic that's about zombies, gangsters, and unspeakable horrors... all getting the everloving HELL beaten out of them. :rainbowlaugh:

Written and drawn by Eric Powell, The Goon is one of those rare comic books that has the distinct pleasure of being delightfully hard to adequately describe.

The main character is only known as “Goon,” a musclebound former circus brat who is the number-one enforcer of the mysterious mob boss Labrazio. Goon is at war for control of the city, fighting against the nameless Zombie Priest, who directs his undead hordes from his tower stronghold on Lonely Street.

With his loudmouthed, pint-sized, murderous best friend Frankie, Goon takes on zombies, robots, aliens, giant communist cephalopod armies, pie-eating Skunk Apes, and mad scientists... mainly with his fists.

Any description that I can give you about The Goon is one that will inevitably fall short of the real thing, but I’ll do my best anyway.

The Goon is a pitch-black absurd comedy: a comic where a snooty vampire can be set on fire while tied to the hood of a car zooming through a horde of zombies; where the main character must dynamite a burlesque but is distracted by a giant rabid transvestite; where the main character’s best friend is a sexually-depraved homicidal maniac with a love of stabbing eyeballs and once spent eight million dollars at an underground auction of celebrity undergarments; where the local tavern has a giant derby-wearing spider, a cowboy werewolf, and a guy named "Charlie Noodles" as customers…

The Goon is a demented work of urban fantasy: where troll-type creatures called Bog Lurks can find business as legbreakers for the mob; where hoboes are cavemen-like creatures led by a king who looks like Bob Dylan; and where a Wild West zombie hunter nicknamed “Buzzard” must eat the flesh of his prey…

The Goon is a powerful noir tragedy. It’s a comic where the title character’s life contains scenes of legitimate sorrow, including a hard-hitting story about the Goon’s past in “Chinatown”; a comic where the aforementioned psychotic best friend is truly loyal to his pal Goon, and promises to always have his friend’s back; a comic where a parody of the “romantic vampire” trope leads into a genuinely haunting ending; a comic where one issue delves into a real-life historical tragedy, portraying it completely seriously and with all the pathos that the material deserves… and a comic where the Wild West zombie hunter gets some of the moving stories I’ve ever seen told in the entire comic-book genre…

The Goon is a comic book that grows and develops in every way. One of the biggest delights of reading it is to see how Powell’s art matures and changes. His drawing style, already distinctive (I’d describe it as a mix of cartoonish and moody), becomes richer, with the characters feeling more… substantial, is the word I’d probably use. The use of color and shadow, especially in the later books, becomes more refined. This improvement in the artwork, along with Powell’s skill in storytelling, creates some incredibly effective scenes. One issue near the end of the run mostly consists of just the Goon reading at a bus stop, and yet Powell’s artwork and setup manages to make the entire sequence incredibly tense and eerie. You’re almost relieved (almost!) when the violence begins.

Powell's writing is masterful in its ability to shift in tone. One of the best examples I can give is in one issue where the Goon and his allies launch an assault on the Zombie Priest's tower. The issue is full of fast-paced, delightful zombie-killing action (as well as comedic gems with the Priest marshalling his forces, and giving the hilarious command "RELEASE THE GREAT ZOMBIE CHIMP!!"), lots of fun moments all around... before a last-minute twist after the battle is done turns the entire issue into an incredibly tragic direction. The ending of the issue, involving the zombie killer Buzzard leaving town and going into the woods, is both utterly heartbreaking and unsettling...

The Goon is a work that manages to be an incredible mix of absurd, hilarious, immature, while being dark, thoughtful, heavy, and most important of all – very bittersweet. For all its gleefully demented humor, outrageous violence and hideous monsters, this is also the story of a good man in a brutal career, who has born enough misery and pain to drive anyone to madness. The character of the Goon is in many ways what you’d call a noble demon: he’s brutal to his enemies and has no problem with murder and violence. But he also has a heart beneath his hulking muscles and his scarred face, and what morals he has are unshakeable.

In many ways, in the insane and screwed-up world that he calls home, Goon really is the closest thing there is to a true hero.

So, in conclusion?

The Goon is a comic unlike anything you’ll ever read. It’s hilarious, violent, crass and gleefully twisted. It’s also gorgeously drawn, brilliantly written and characterized, and capable of genuine drama and pathos too.

It’s well worth a read.

Start with Volume One. “Nothin’ But Misery.”

And you’ll be in for a hell of a ride.

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OH yeah, I saw an animation thing for a supposed animated movie of the Goon that had Clancy Brown starring as the Goon himself... man I wish that movie was a thing.

Yeah, I remember that video. Clancy Brown as The Goon, and Paul Giamatti as Frankie. Perfect casting right there.

I really do wish that had gotten made. Last year Tim Miller (director of Deadpool 1) announced he was working on it, but we'll see, I'm not exactly full of faith for that...

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