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We were somewhere around Ponyville, on the edge of the Everfree, when the Poison Joke began to take hold.

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Foundational Fanfiction · 1:00am Oct 12th, 2018

Got a friend who has just gotten into ponies and the fandom. I've been introducing her to music, video and art, but so far no fanfiction. I have put together a list of the stuff that I really like and think is among the best in the fandom; but along side that, I'm also looking for recommendations for the perennial classics. Stories that have been around a while, that are well-known, that have become a substantial part of the fanon "extended universe" if you will. Iconic stories. Mind you, they also have to be good stories. They don't have to be the best stuff the fandom has produced, but there is no way I'm inflicting "My Little Dashie" or "Cupcakes" on anyone I like even a little. And the less said about kudzuhaiku's monstrosity the better.

My list so far:
"Vinyl and Octavia: University Days"
"The Vinyl Scratch Tapes"
"Past Sins"
"Sunny Skies All Day Long"
The "Hard Reset" trilogy

I'm thinking about including "Rainbow Factory" as well, although I'm undecided. It's reasonably well-written, and definitely iconic, but also a badly OOC mess.

Any suggestions?

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Winning Pony? Some don't like it, but Cloud Kicker is now undeniably part of the fanon.
TEL? its not as memetic, but it is one of the best things out there.
Things Tavi Says
Some people also swear by the "Mare In the Moon", but I find MrNumbers overrated.
Fallout Equestria, depending on your friends tolerance for stories that, at times, utterly run away from the author.
Beanis stuff? Its not super-horse famous, and it is very absurd, it a lot of good writers are trying to make it a thing.
" Green." by Steel Resolve
"Rites of Ascension" and Estee's Tryptich -- I've read neither but they are old an have their followers.

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