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Whenever you feel sad, just remember somewhere in the world there's a dumb shit pushing a door that says pull.

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100 Followers and 4 Years of Writing Literally Nothing · 2:39am Oct 9th, 2018

Many people would say by this point "Hey I should probably start writing shit"

I'm not one of those.

These 4 years have been interesting, lots of stories to read many which surprised me of how talented some people were and how a simple preschoolers TV show can inspire to so many people to create wonderful stories, art, music and many more things for the fandom that even now is still relatively present. This site also rekindled me with my reading habit that I lost in my early teen years which is a great thing.

I met lots of people, some better than others, some not so good and some horrible people as well and, for what it is, I can say that I'm glad of the people I've met in this site for the most part, sharing other things besides the fact of enjoying the same pony show with so many different people was a cool thing to experience.

I'd say that's time well spent :)

Thanks to everyone who still remembers me

Report Arcanine · 162 views · #100 followers LUL
Comments ( 9 )

I follow you because I think you are a cool guy and I still stand by it. You welcome and have a nice day.

Hey, you're an awesome guy, no other reason to follow you, right?

Well that's good to know, thanks!

I won't deny that compliment either so, I'll take it. Thanks bud!

You should write you lazy son of a bitch!!... LOL JK... have a follow.

I'm still here buddy! Have a very late congratulations on a hundred followers. It's been awesome seeing and interacting with you over the years. Especially at the beginning with all the bad fanfiction we got to see. I look forward to seeing you around till the end of this fandom.


Yoooo! It's been a while!

Those were the good 'ol days. Thanks for taking the time to read this! Also since you have an xbox you should play Ori if you haven't.

Agh, that was free for awhile wasn't it? Man, I thought about getting it, but I don't bring my xbox to college so I figured there was no point. I've been playing a ton of PC games anywho.

Well play Ori on PC. It's on steam.

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