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    A Neutral Socio-Economic Theory

    So, after my recent anti-anti-corporate post, I've done some thinking.
    I've been working at a supermarket for just over half-a-year now and I've been working through lockdown. And I've been on this site recently and seen this anti-corporate craze and am not impressed by it.
    But I have a theory.

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  • 5 weeks

    Okay. I'm really starting to hate this whole 'Anti-Corporate' sentiment of today. I'm not pro-corporate, I'm fairly neutral on that ground. But I think it's incredibly self-defeating. Almost every anti-corporate comment I've found on various media sites point towards only one thing- Rage.
    It's rage against a system that doesn't exist.

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    Rest in Peace, Sir Ian Holm (1931-2020)

    He departed yesterday for his last and longest adventure...
    Farewell, Bilbo Baggins. Farewell.

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    About J.K Rowling...

    Okay, it's going to come out sooner or later on this site and it's going to be a big thing in the UK.
    Which probably says something about how trivial the UK can be but hey-ho.

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  • 8 weeks

    Now that I've got your attention. :trollestia:
    Lost Reflections has had a chapter update.
    I hope you enjoy it and thanks if you've already read it and done so.
    Any constructive criticism is appreciated. Thank you.

    And in case anyone would like clarification...No, it is not in fact raining potted shrimp in Surrey or anywhere else...to my knowledge anyway.

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Where To Find Good News · 9:14pm Oct 8th, 2018

A lot of news is bad news. That's just how society works.
Bad News gets people talking, people thinking, our minds need activity.

But too much bad news can have the opposite affect. When the news we hear becomes a slough of never-ending political corruption or celebrity disgrace or environmental disaster or just general sullenness, we reach our limit.
We become paralysed, convince ourselves we are powerless and just enter a state of apathy, a sense of 'Oh what's the point of trying to help? It never changes anything'. This problem is a particular issue for young people growing up in the world, people most at risk from substance abuse, mental breakdown and suicide.

Therefore, I'm of the opinion that good news is just as important and while keeping the bad in mind, we need to always see the way to hope and a better future. Humanity needs something to work towards not run away from.
Here's one I just found. It's been going since 1997.
Good News Network
Honestly, give it a look. Don't put the bad out of your mind completely but just remember, life is never quite as bad you think it is.

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people like you are the ones that shed a ray of light in this world and make it worth living

A Good thought You have here

You give me far too much credit.:twilightblush:
The ray of light's always been there. I'm just here to point it out.:scootangel:

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