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So, got that new Spider-Man game for PS4... · 11:47pm Oct 4th, 2018

And here's my thoughts.

I love it...


Admittedly, I have gotten my ass kicked a couple of times (does not help that not only was I playing Arkham City, thus meaning my muscle memory thinks the blue flashing light means press triangle to not get hit, when dodge is circle, but more embarassingly it was on Friendly/Easy difficulty) and I really enjoy the different suits and Spider-Tech. I just hope that this suit is in their somewhere...

If not, I will be severely disappointed. But, even with all the kickassery going on, my favorite part of the game... is this guy.

His Just the Facts thing is HILARIOUS. Unless you screw up while stopping a crime in progress.

Now, if I could JUUUUUUUUUUST not get that hostage killed when the Inner Demons show up, I'd be golden...

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Comments ( 3 )

‘Sniff’ i’d get it....


JJJ Just the Facts is quite funny. Especially when he say something profound only to follow with something like, "Listen in to my show because everyone else is stupid."

Best suit is final suit in my opinion:derpytongue2: especially why he wears it.

Nope, not in this one. But that makes sense, considering that they seem to be setting up Venom as a major plot point for the sequel.

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