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Bronycon 2018 Reflections Part 2: Saturday · 9:54pm Oct 3rd, 2018

Part 2: Saturday

Something I briefly mentioned in the last post was that I’m pretty shy. I find it a lot harder to make friends in real life than on the internet. Not sure if all cons do this nowadays or if this is just a Bronycon thing, but at registration they hand out these color-coded tags that you can put on your badge to let people know if you want to talk or not. Green means you’re willing to talk to anyone, Yellow means you only want to talk to people you know, and Red means you don’t want to talk to anyone at the moment. I didn’t use them on Friday, but I saw a lot of people were doing so. I would love to make friends and talk with my fellow bronies irl, but my nerves keep getting the better of me. I’m terrible at starting conversations. On Saturday, I put the green tag over my badge, hoping maybe someone would see that and maybe start a conversation with me. As the day progressed, my lanyard would get twisted up, showing the back of my badge instead of the front where I put the green tag. My nerves of course got the better of me, so I didn’t try starting any conversations.

With that said, let’s get back to the recap…

I woke up and had Starbucks for breakfast inside the convention center. Line was long as most lines are at Bronycon. After that I attended my first panel of the day, “Love is in Bloom: Finding Love in the Fandom” with LostNarrator and Magpiepony. Such a cute couple. This panel was very interesting and it was good to see a positive example of a relationship.

After that panel, I had lunch at Jimmy John’s again and went to the vendor hall. I bought some best pony tags that had pictures of some of my favorite stallions (Sunburst, Shining Armor, Soarin, and Sandbar) on them. I got a Rainbow Dash one as well. I searched for plushies of my favorite stallions again, thinking maybe I missed a stand or two the previous day, but no luck. I decided to drop off my purchases at the room before going to the Cosplay Fashion Show. On the way, some guy in the elevator at the Hilton saw my Best Pony tags and said, “nice stallions you got there.” I said “thank you” and got off at my floor.

After that I watched the Cosplay Fashion Show. The seat I got was kinda far away, so the pictures I took didn’t come out too great. The fashion show was the only time I got to take pictures of cosplay because I was too shy to ask people for their photo. The fashion show allows everyone to take pictures of the contestants. A lot of really good cosplays at the con over all.

After that, I bought a personal pizza from the Papa John’s stand and went back to my room for a bit, debating which panel to do next. I ended up deciding on 50 Shades of Neigh Darker, which was really fun. For those who have read my stories here, you know I like to write smut, so this panel was really relevant to my interests.

Peter New Unscripted was next. It was funny to hear Peter New as well as Larson, AKR, and Confalone answer NSFW pony-related questions. Even if some of the answers were non-answers. As I said in my last post, they have a great sense of humor. Also learned that Peter New knows what clop is. I was always figured the people who work on the show have probably heard about it at some point, but to hear him say he looked it up once out of curiosity took me by surprise.

After this, I decided to check out Bronypalooza again. I don’t recall the names of who was playing, but they were pretty good. I then left to go think about whether I wanted to go to the Horse Famous After Dark panel or just get a couple snacks from the vending machine and go back to my room. Out of curiosity, I decided to check Discord on my phone and somebody I knew on there, who was also at the con, messaged me and asked if I wanted to hang out. Even though I knew him from Discord and thought it would be nice to see him in person, my nerves got the better of me and I ended up saying no. He said he understood, but I still felt like I let him, as well as myself, down. Feeling pretty bummed out, I ended up buying some snacks from the vending machine and going to my room because I had missed the start of Horse Famous After Dark. Since I don’t want to end this post on a sad note, I will “spoil” my next entry by saying that on Sunday I finally did get the courage to meet him in person and we hung out for a little bit that day.

Part 3 will be about Sunday, before Closing Ceremonies. I want Closing Ceremonies and my reaction to it to be in its own entry.

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Well, good to see that you eventually decided to meet your friend IRL. Since BronyCon 2019 will be four days long, that means more opportunities to try and reach out!

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