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D&D Death · 5:06am Oct 3rd, 2018

Just finished a D&D session with a few friends. Our party consisted of a Tiefling Mystic, a Homebrew Chaos Summoner, and a High Elf Druid. We had entered a ruined village and split up, each of us taking two houses.

First house the Druid hit had two zombies, each of which were killed in a single shot. Second house had a locked wardrobe with a silver mirror. All well and good.

The Chaos Summoner hit the mead hall, where three Ogre Zombies were shambling around. His Chaos Wizard died but him, his Spawned, and his Chosen were safe. He moved to the second house and started beating down the locked door.

Finally, me, the Mystic, head toward the first house. Two zombies were there, both of which died. 70gp found. Moved to the second house to be surprised by a beholder zombie. I got hit with a disintegration ray and took 47 damage, dropping me to 8 health. A zombie hit me and dropped me to 1.

My turn came around and I casted Lighting Bolt twice, due to an item I had, for 70 damage. I get hit with another disintegration ray. Now, when that gets a player to 0 health, they turn to dust and can't be revived normally. My DM, discovering I'm at 1 health, decides to change its attack. It bites me, still knocking me unstable.

The Druid runs over and gets blasted by a disintegration ray halfway there, turning him to dust. The Summoner starts to run over after his character heard the fighting and arrives in time to see my unstable character be bitten. He hits the Beholder zombie with his enchanted clawblade, revealing it to be one hit point from death. The Chaos Summoner then raids my corpse, fills a vial with the Druid's dust, takes my head, and starts to walk away...only to be turned to dust by a second Beholder zombie, making that the 5th time our DM rolled a 4 to decide which ray was used, marking the end of our session and the end of our party. We are still deciding whether to make new characters or start another campaign. Overall, it was a ridiculous session I had to share.

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Reminds me of one D&D story my friend shared where a dwarf puglist (Fighter who only relies on fists) constantly carried weapons specifically not meant for him and always kept charging into a swarm of enemies and being left surrounded and nearly dead every time he did that (he still never learned), forcing his friend who was a healer, to risk herself trying to save and heal him. With the other two people who were more suited to the task busy checking and inspecting (and rolling to steal stuff from) their own inventory.

Thanks for reading and liking my story, btw.

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