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So. · 4:16am Oct 3rd, 2018

Minecraft 1.14.

These things.

even more things.

I think I might just get interested in creative mode Minecraft again once the update comes out.

'Cause wow, would there be quite a bit I could do with those things in my dormant building world.

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Do you play minecraft ironically?

Minecraft in 2018 am i right?!.......Anywon?

No. Or at least, I didn't in the past. Crappy internet issues and dying servers have really killed my enthusiasm for the game over the past few years.

Though, I do still play it in singleplayer survival mode occasionally when I'm feeling bored.

Pillager beasts, a mob that's apparently going to be added alongside "Pillagers", a type of villager that raids other villages in small and medium-size parties.

Though villagers are getting an upgraded AI system to counterbalance that, so hopefully it's not gonna be the usual villager bloodbath.

Fun. My dad has made a habit of protecting villages, (Including elaborate pitfalls, cactus walls, making the darn things FLOAT...) so this will just add a new layer to the nightly protection.

Lit. I usually just make pixel arts in creative mode when I play it every now and again.

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