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Starlight Glimmes is not a communist! · 7:10pm Oct 2nd, 2018

Really, I got tired from constant "communist Glim Glam this", "communist Glim Glam that" and other stuff like that. Problem is that even back in Our Town her whole ideology is not communism.
Contrary to beliefs of pretty big part of people communism is not about "make everyone the same" or (what people tend to fear the most) "share everything you own with everyone". Yes, there are some minor points in this because USSR bolsheviks back in 1920-1930 have some pretty stupid ideas like "communal ownership of wives" and other godawful shit like this but in general, communism is all about communal ownership of the means of production. Well that, and absence of state, money or classes.
Do Glim Glam said anything about this? No. Her whole idea is all about abolishing cutie marks and talents and by that make everyone equal. So... Communal ownership of the means of production? Well, no. She never said anything about this. Abolishing of state? As far as I remember - no, she never plans this. Abolishing of classes and money? Again, as far as I remember - no.
So, what exactly makes her a communist?

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Starlight's village of Our Town actually does resemble the historical communes, which draw their roots from many sources, but Marx is one of them.

(The fact that the vast majority of "communist" societies across history occur in places without actual means of production is another topic).

There isn't an industrialized "means of production," but all property seems to be owned in common.

Also, Cutie Marx will always be funny. :raritywink:


Starlight's village of Our Town actually does resemble the historical communes

In my opinion Glum Glam village supposed to be a cartoon representation of totalitarian regimes without a direct link to actual existing ideology.

There isn't an industrialized "means of production," but all property seems to be owned in common.

Well, hard to say if property really communaly owned or not and if owned - then what part of it come from ideology and what come out of necessity.
But in general, Glim Glam ideology more or less builded around cutie marks and their abolishment. Which make sense considering that it grew from Sunburst departure to SGU and her feeling of loneliness.

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