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Longer Somnambula? · 7:50pm Oct 1st, 2018

So, yeah...

I know I said I was only going to make The Prettiest Pillar three chapters long, but after seeing some of the comments, and after having some time to properly think about where I want to take the story, I'm kinda thinking I could potentially make it into a longer fic?

Is that something you guys would want? (Bearing in mind if this happens, the smut will most likely be pushed back to later chapters)

Let me know in the comments.

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Comments ( 26 )

Proper buildup makes smut all the better. It seemed too soon for sex anyway, what with them just meeting. I'm interested in the human girl Somnambula knew before and how much things have changed not just for Equestria but for humans.

More please I’ll do anything this fic is so good

You know me. i'm a sucker for a comfy romance story. The blooming love and anticipated consummation of their relationship can make the sex scene so much more satisfying in my eyes. :raritystarry: Beside, I'd love to learn more about the 'other humans' story line you've already hinted at.

Basically, what RustDust 4946588 said.

I wouldn't mind it being longer.

I love long stories. Even if it means I have to wait, it gives me something to look forward to.

Please make it longer, you are creating a really interesting world to explore through your writing and our imaginations!

You know what's better than three chapters of RGRE romance starring a human and Somnambula? More than three chapters of RGRE romance starring a human and Somnambula!

Anything you figure you can make work is great! If you have ideas to make this longer, more drawn out with more lovey stuff between him and Somnambula, then go for it! It's a great story already, always appreciate more. :yay:

All of my yes!!!

Please make it longer than three chapters! I love longer fics and this one has been awesome so far, id be more than happy to wait

You can bet for sure that as long as new chapters keep coming I will definitely keep reading them

Personally, (and I might get some flack for this) I would rather you devote time to J'Adore and Slipstream. I think your siren stories are fantastic. But that's just like, my opinion man.

You really should write on whatever the hell you feel like writing... completely ignoring your fans. Write what you have the most fun writing. Writing what other people want could make this fun thing feel like a job.

Regardless, thank you for posting your stories.


Well, that's a pretty clear favour for a lengthier story. I guess I'll get on writing it then. :rainbowlaugh:

I love long stories, but I've seen authors with too many works in progress stagnate occasionally. Then again, J'Adore seems like it may be finishing up soon, but I could be wrong. I'll never complain about more of this story though :twilightsmile:

More Somnambula is always better. :twilightsmile:

Yes, more story is always nice

Sure, so long as it's still a story you're proud of.

Would love to see it longer but you do you man.

I'm all for it being longer if you think you can tell the story tha way.

Longer. The build up makes it much more appealing.

A longer story would be great. This is a fun read and it would be great to see it go on for a while longer.

Abso-fucking-lutely make it longer

Yes, plz make it longer!!!

I just read all the chapters of the story today October 10th and honestly I wish it was already done so I can read all of it. Also your story of prettiest pillar and jadore are just great please continue both

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