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A JD Review: MLP Season 8 Episode 23 - "Sounds of Silence" · 8:41pm Sep 30th, 2018

The one with the deer-lion ponies.

Hello darkness, my old friend...

OKAY! This was an episode long time coming, but it sure was worth the wait! Sounds of Silence tasks Applejack and Fluttershy to travel to the Peaks of Peril to solve a friendship problem. This problem involves a new species introduced to MLP, the Kirin, and why they won't talk anymore. A vow of silence it would seem. A Kirin, by the name of Autumn Blaze, introduces herself to Applejack and reveals she is the only Kirin who can speak, and its up to AJ, Flutters, and Blaze to bring the voice back to her home.

I loved his episode. Autumn Blaze is amazing, I love the designs of the Kirin and the Nirik (their mean, fiery sides), and this was just a fun ol' episode. The song, especially, is one of the best of the season. Speaking of which, we're nearing the end! Heard a lot about the season finale. Should be a doozy!

Great episode! 9/10! What were your thoughts?

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Comments ( 19 )

will they appear in infinity era i want them to go all flame on and stuff against the chitauri

Easily the best song of the season.

Loved the Kirins normal and angry design. Autum Blaze is a fun character. I just wish there was a little more time focusing on the kirins and that the resolution wasn’t so rushed. Other than that though it was a good episode.

This episode had the best song in a long while. We need more Autumn Blaze.

Autumn Blaze best hybrid creature. I loved her and this episode! It had a great song and introduced a very interesting new species, as well as a good moral.

10/10, I hope you include them in Infinity War, their "flame on!" technique would be a great asset for the big brawl!

Gee, though unrelated, I wonder if would imagine:

Are we cool?

(Autumn Blaze (Nirik) nods)

That's a Nirik in a "hot tub".

How long ya've been like that?

Like what?

Ya know, like this, big, fiery, angry.

Nirik always Nirik.

How'd ya get here?


I agree! I would totally love to see those Kirin go all 'Ghost Rider' and put that anger to very good use. :rainbowkiss:

This was the best episode in a while. Plus, I love that song. I completely lost it when she started singing.

Am I the only one who thought of this when she started her song? Like RIGHT before it

You might want to change the shading on some of the text

Nope not done yet.

(Autumn Blaze in Sakaar)

Ya mean cheatin', were them fellers wearin' these (Obedience Disk on neck) when ya won? How'd ya landed here.


Yes, now where, where is this Quinjet now?

(Autum Blaze (Nirik) walks naked to point Quinjet)

Now that's, vomitin', that's very naked, it's in mah brain now.


Equestria hate Nirik.

Equestria loves Nirik, they love ya, yer one of them Kirins, one of us, one of mah friends. That's what friends do, they support each other, it's-it's called the Magic of Friendship.

You're Autumn's friend.

Ah ain't Autumn's friend, ah prefer you.

Autumn's friend.

Ah don't even like Autumn, "Ah'm into this friendship problem, Kirins not talking and stuff."

Applejack go, Nirik stay.

Fine, stay here. Stupid place, it's mighty hideous by the way, the red the white, bleh! Just pick a color, it's ridiculous.

Burn you.

No, ya didn't burn anythin', ah, ah won that fight.

I burned you.

Yeah, right.

Baby hooves.


(Throws fruit)


Moron! Ya big fiery filly.

Applejack go!

Ah am goin'.



Baah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, Applejack go again! Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh.

(Autumn (Nirik) gets out of bed)

Applejack home.

(Goes back to bed)

They can also relate to Bruce Banner too, cuz although never, he also has a very "green", angry side.

10/10 hope to see these all in infinity war!

Best debut of Autumn Blaze and the rest of the Kirin race. Not only that, this was the best song that I ever heard for this year, it's giving me the Brave vibes.

The rest of the fans and I wished that we get to see these magnificent creatures again on the next season. đź‘Ť

4946069 No plans to include them in Infinity Era.

4946071 It did feel a tad rushed, but doesn’t really take much away from the episode as a whole.

4946085 Agreed. :pinkiehappy:

4946103 I love her. :moustache:

4946156 Truly the best song of the season.

4946252 Ah yes. The movie that ruined Mike Myers’ career. Sad day that was.

4946383 Maybe. Got no plans currently.

4946389 Maybe all the creatures coming together in the final season. That would be great.

aww i wanted them to go all flame on and stuff

aww nuts...they would have been perfect!:ajsleepy:

Fair enough
Some of the songs in it were good though

Ah, fishpaste!!

It'd be really nice to include them in story, but as badass and beautiful as their Nirik forms are, their anger is only way overshadowed by that of the Hulk's though, cuz the madder he gets the more dangerous he gets, doesn't mean they're inferior though. Hell if Stark ever meets the Kirin, not only he'll make mythological references about them or coming up nicknames like giraffes, he might describe the Kirins' anger as "second-rate only compared to our green, big friend, you know a friend who's big, green, muscular, angry, literally. When he gets pissed off, he's gonna you know, bluushh, blow everything up." He might even relate to them to his scrawny but easily angered friend Banner.

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