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    Cozy Glow short story contest

    Hello, readers and writers. I humbly bring to your attention a contest regarding the adorable, irreplaceable Cozy Glow. Won't you consider entering?

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    Retcons and the impact of storytelling

    Greetings. If a discussion revolving in the main around Mortal Kombat is not of interest to you, please disregard the following. If it is, be advised that spoilers of the recent release of Aftermath follow.

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    Downvoting all of my stories

    To anyone who has not serially downvoted me, please disregard.

    It came to my attention that someone has downvoted the majority of my stories. I can only assume that I did, said or posted something that caused offense. As I make a significant attempt to keep things positive (other than story content on occasion), I'm somewhat confused.

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    A fimfic legacy

    Dear brethren, esteemed sosteren, you may have been plagued these past few months, or even longer, with the sense that something has been missing from your life. Something vital; something essential. Well. I'm here this evening to tell you that your yearning is nearing an end. For behold, a new chapter has blossomed on Super Trampoline's epic saga of victory! !!!!!!!!!

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In soviet Equestria · 4:07pm Sep 29th, 2018

... fanfic write you.

I think I have to finish this story before it finishes me :twilightsmile:

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Comments ( 1 )

That's what I'm trying to do.

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