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    Regarding: A Different World

    No, the story isn't cancelled. I know it's been four whole weeks since an update so I thought I'd provide some context as to what's been going on here

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Regarding: A Different World · 2:40pm Sep 29th, 2018

No, the story isn't cancelled. I know it's been four whole weeks since an update so I thought I'd provide some context as to what's been going on here

I hate writing this story - I've hated it for months now - and the reason for that is because nobody offers their feedback. It's got over 100k words so far and yet, out of the only 6 comments, 2 of them are mine and only one is actually talking about the story's contents itself (the other guy is just a friend of mine who commented to be nice). Reading people's thoughts on my stories is one of my absolute favorite things, but that hasn't been happening here. It feels like I'm the only person here and that I'm just updating by myself. To me it feels like close to nobody actually cares about the story, and I really can't blame them. I'm going to outline the two things that made me write this story to begin with:

1. Older readers-- people who read the original story from 2012-2013 (the prequel) over on fanfiction.net.

2. I've always wanted to make a sequel to this story for years and years, and so after awhile I finally decided to actually do it.

Unfortunately, the most amazing thing happened after I uploaded the sequel: Nobody cared. Either nobody was around anymore who read the original story, or they just didn't care because they probably read the story when they were like 13 and they were grown up now (I actually had one guy de-favorite and de-follow the original story after I posted a new chapter saying there was a sequel.) There was a select few people that were still interested, but I'm not too sure they care anymore either.

I knew I couldn't write a new story purely focused on older readers though, so I tried to explain things and whatever for new people which I figured would actually be the majority of my audience. Well, I don't think I did that too well either. I really need to revamp chapters 1 and 2 - I could probably combine the two chapters but I haven't gotten around to doing that yet. So as you can see I have two different audiences who aren't very interested

Here's why I think people don't care about the story: The story doesn't make sense and it's the type of unrealistic-yet-realistic story that 12-14 year olds would enjoy. There's hundreds of stories like this out there so literally who wants to read another one? I can't even remember details and parts of the recent chapters because I just write them to get them over with and out there, which brings me to my next point

I will finish this story even if my motivation is in the negatives. I was adamant to finish this damn thing so that it can be DONE and not hanging uncompleted like so many other big stories out there, which I hate that shit. If I wasn't so determined so finish this thing I would've stopped writing chapters way back at like chapter 18. So even though I hate writing this story, I hate leaving stories incomplete even more.

Hey, maybe I'm all wrong and people actually do care about the story. I guess I'll find out when I post this and nobody comments lol

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Comments ( 3 )

Apologies, if this sounds mean.

First thing, if you live for feedback here, you will be in an early grave.
If you think folks will wander in and shower you with feedback, well, get used to it not happening.

Probably, you'll get a lot of seagulls; folks who fly in and crap on things and bail.
I wouldn't mind the crapping if I can get some back and forward, but no they just leave their dung and move on.
Not lying about that, I can point you to one of my stories.

My advice:
Finish your story unless you really hate it.

Don't write angry because then you will begrudge any improvements or upgrades.
You won't go the extra mile because you'll be too focused on the end. What will you do if you realize that a total rewrite will improve the story drastically? I know I would just kill the project and move on.

If you love the story, any update will be justified.
I don't like how it turned out! Gonna do a rewrite because I gotta get this perfect because this is a way cool story.

Find out why you hate it, and fix that if possible.
Be willing to stop, and do an objective evaluation of your story.
No rage or passion needed. Emotions can tip the scales either way.

If not, double tap that story, bury it and move on to another project.
Life is too short to be miserable.

Don't get in the habit of abandoning projects or you'll never improve.
To get gud in anything, you have to start and finish then do another one.

Don't rely on random folks stumbling into your gallery to give feedback.

Get an editor, pre readers, etc to give you useful advice.
At least with these folks you might get some ideas on how to fix issues if you need them.

Maybe hook up with other writers and make a critique group.
There are a lot of people who want an objective pair of eyes to look over their work.

Are you promoting your story?
Posting it in the right groups and or posting advertisements in the right groups?

I was probably the one being rude throwing "nobody cares" around everywhere. You're fine.

I know I'm not obligated to get feedback but that's still a huge motivator for me. I love hearing what people have to say and what their thoughts are and what they're excited/concerned/pissed about. To me it's a major part of what makes writing stories so enjoyable.

I'll definitely finish the story but I highly doubt I would ever re-write it. I think it's fine how it is and as long as it has a decent ending that isn't rushed, it should be fine. People will either like it or dislike it for what it is and I'm fine with that even if I think it isn't perfect.

The main reason I hate writing this story is because of the consist updates and the lack of any comments - mostly just the second one. I'm writing chapters I don't want to write because I know there's not going to be anyone talking about them, as it has been for months now. I also think I'm just burned out with the story from trying to have weekly/biweekly updates which forces me to write to get done on time. I'll see what happens once I finish this story so I can work on and upload other stuff

I'm not really too interested in editors or pre-readers, I don't think I have a reason for needing any. I never liked the idea of "read my story and I'll read yours" type of groups or themes because to me it just feels like I'd be reading someone's story that I won't care about, only for them to read my story which they also won't care about. That's just how I see it

I've promoted it a little bit but I've mostly just been waiting for it to be done, then I'll post it in every possible group. I think a completed story is alot more eye-catching than a incomplete one. It probably doesn't even matter if the story is so long anyway, but at this point I'm just tired of thinking about that kind of stuff. I'm just complaining over petty shit now when the reason for this blog was to say why I haven't updated in four weeks


I'm not really too interested in editors or pre-readers, I don't think I have a reason for needing any. I never liked the idea of "read my story and I'll read yours" type of groups or themes because to me it just feels like I'd be reading someone's story that I won't care about, only for them to read my story which they also won't care about. That's just how I see it

You do need editors/pre-readers.

For one, pros, folks who make money writing don't just write their manuscript and the publisher just publishes.
No, well, maybe that happened with Stephen King's Dreamcatcher. That was an awful book.

Anyway, you need editors/pre-readers because the feedback you seek and crave is what they produce.
If you get good editors/pre-readers.

One thing I've learned about writing is that just because I think it's so in my story doesn't mean that readers will understand it as I see it.
I need editors/pre-readers to verify that what I said can be interpreted by the reader correctly. That's not trivial.

One example is foreshadowing. Foreshadowing is when you hint to the reader something is going to happen, or an item might be important later. When it comes to items, you don't want readers wondering where that item came from. That smacks of bad writing.
The problem with hints is that you need to have some degree of subtlety with them. Too obvious and it will seem ham-fisted. Too subtle and readers could miss the hint and bitch.

One example of ham-fisted foreshadowing is the swords in the Gremlins movie.
The swords fell off the door several times. When a sword is used, we know where it came from because the movie showed us.

Getting hints/foreshadowing to work requires another set of eyes because it's kinda hard to tell on your own.
You wrote the story, you know what's going to happen. How can you tell if the hints work? Eventually, you learn the right balance with some outside help.

I've spent a lot of time looking at other people's work, and finding issues. Sometimes I was an editor, but most of the time, I was a pre reader.

One person I was working with used the word 'tannoy'.
In the story, I thought it was an animal. Later on, I find out it's another word for loudspeaker.
A quick description would've cleared that up.

Seriously, it's much better for you and me if we can find folks to find bugs in our stories before they get published.

Polished stories get less downvotes. Think of editors and pre-readers as quality assurance. They are your second line of defense against issues.

Relying on readers to find issues is basically a waste of time, and will hurt you.
For every person that points out an issue, there are probably more that saw it, and walked away shaking their heads.
Of course, there will be a few that will give you a downvote.

For me, I won't post anything without trying very hard to get an editor.
The stories that I have gotten editors have better up to downvote ratios.

I've been lucky to get a prereader for a story that was twenty chapters long.
Most folks don't want to fuss with long stories.

To be honest, this lone wolf writer mentality (You may not have this.) is a dead end.

Being part of a writing community where you share your work with others and seeing other people's work helps you improve faster.
There are useful things to learn from other people and they can learn from you.

Also I've read some interesting stories.

There are groups that do comment trades and reviews.
Join them and get folks to look at your work.

Yeah, I get that you don't want uncaring folks looking over your work.
I don't really care if they care about my work as long as their advice is valid.
When I look over someone else's work, I make sure to do my job and find issues.
If I find something, I will ask questions.

Only post your stories in the group that fit the story.
Anywhere else and folks will bitch.

I understand where you're coming from about comments.
I write mostly dark/adventure/horror. Yes, there are readers for this stuff, but the market is small.

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