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    Equestria is gone. But Celestia still has work to do. The Road lies ahead of her, and at its end—the most difficult decision of her life. Again. 2nd place in the "History Repeats" write-off.
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Elpis in pictures · 4:50pm Sep 27th, 2018

Rich Burlew (Order of the Stick) accidentally made a comic strip version of "Elpis"!

I tried inlining the image here, but it turns out it's too tall to display on fimfiction. Here are the first 5 panels:

Report Bad Horse · 382 views · Story: Ἐλπίς · #Elpis #Order of the Stick
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Comments ( 6 )

"Wait, how did Rich Burlew of all people make a comic of that story at all, much less accidentally?"
(Follows link)
"Oh, right, that."

That said, somehow I doubt the three pantheons go through quite as much when starting over. I suppose it's a benefit of working as a group.

So many dead worlds... but perhaps this next one will live.

OOtS is fantastic....

Yes, yes it is. And this last arc has been just... just so damn epic over and over again.

Looks like it's tombstones all the way down.

Damn. Now I want pizza.


Ah, but was it an accident?? Time for a lawsuit!

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