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[Monday - Day 1] The Week Of Good Reads · 8:31am Sep 24th, 2018

So this week I'm going to be going through my favorites and finding a bunch of stories that I like and sharing what I like about them. For NSFW (and you know me, there is gonna be a lot of it) I won't be able to directly link them, but with the title and a good google search you'll find them.

Note also that EVERY fic I post is completed. No incomplete tags allowed.

[M]The Proposal Proposition by ThatAverageDude - Third Person - Human, Fleur De Lis, Comedy, Sex

So you're gonna get a lot of romance, comedy and sex stories on this WOGR. Straight up. However this does a fucking amazing job in setting up a fun scenario where two characters down on their luck devise a plan to get back on their feet. The Human is about to get his ass kicked back to Earth because he can't find work (Earth has portal to Equestria) and Fleur is going through a MAJOR rough patch in her career. There is no backstabbing. They both genuinely help one another in their problems... and then it makes more problems.

Funny, lighthearted and so much fun to read. This is one of the stories that made me really love Fleur as a character. Both her and the human develop as characters over the chapters, making us believe more in their romance as time goes on. A fun story that made me want to get to the next chapter, but also not wanting each chapter to end. If you've enjoyed any longer fics from LittleBigPony, you'll love this fic.

[T]Roll For Initiative by Prak - Third Person - Mane Six, Luna, Comedy

I never have played a D&D session. I want to, seriously I do, but when you become an adult the time needed to co-ordinate and spend just mostly isn't there. However I get D&D, and that really drew me into this story.

The Mane Six have D&D sessions and Luna is involved, but Luna also has never been told "no" before and has an OP character. This isn't a spoiler btw, it is explicit. This story explores multiple issues, such as thinking outside the box, true teamwork and friendship, getting along with your new friends, and not killing Luna for playing games like your 10 year old sister did because she didn't want to die so she made her characters overpowered seriously Chelsea that's part of why the fucking game is so fun Jesu-

Sorry, got carried away. The author also does as VERY good job making sure you need no knowledge of D&D before you read this. Gold star. This could have been an actual episode.

[T]Is It Bad To Feel Good When Doing Evil Things? by B_25 - Third Person - Spike, Starlight Glimmer, SoL

So I've given B_25 shit before and we've had great conversations. He's a great dude and a fine author. Speaking of conversations (oh shit nice transition Damien), this fic is a conversation between Spike and Starlight Glimmer. It is a nice, simple fic of two minds going over an idea: would we be happier if we were still evil? I'm oversimplifying it but you get the gist. They go over their past and the power that they felt while doing their misdeeds, as well as talking about other things that only these two can talk about. As much as I love reading about Spike taking Commie Pone to Pound Town USA with the double dragon dongs, this fic doesn't have ANY of that. It just has great chemistry between these two that I just can't get enough of.

I like it when people don't shit on Spike. In a lot of episodes, Spike is the one actually speaking common sense while everyone else is being a fucking idiot. As a character he is great, and when authors take that they weave great dialogue and tales around him. Great job B.


Hopefully you've read or will read these three fics. Tell me what you think in the comments below, and most importantly: tell these authors what you thought of their fics.

And tell them Damien sent you!

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Didn't see this when it first dropped.

Thanks for the review!

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