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Little Tigress

Pony in new tiger hoodie with little to no idea of what she's doing

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  • Wednesday
    Dumb AU Sketch Dump

    This is just a silly idea I had a couple of days ago and wanted to share it with you guys :twilightblush:

    Summary: Discord is kind and Fluttershy is chaotic. Full story below the doodles

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    3 comments · 34 views
  • 3 weeks
    I made a donut

    I want a 3D model of my little Moonlight so I decided to learn Blender, I have a long way to go before making a character but for the moment I'm pretty happy with this little donut.

    Behold! :raritystarry:

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    9 comments · 43 views
  • 3 weeks
    Have you watched Glitch Techs?

    I binge-watched both seasons a week ago and I loved this show! :rainbowkiss:

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    4 comments · 28 views
  • 4 weeks
    The Zebra Amulet

    You know, when I watched 'Magic Duel' I really wanted the amulet Twilight had to actually had magic :rainbowlaugh:

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    6 comments · 54 views
  • 6 weeks
    The hoodie is back!

    I was kind of hating my old profile pic, that's why I used the fursona in the midtime but it's done! Little Moonlight and her tiger hoodie are back to stay :raritystarry:

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    15 comments · 45 views

Cutest Stallion Ever! · 5:24am Sep 24th, 2018

Look at him!
He's just so cute with that "little" sailor uniform! :rainbowkiss:

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