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Star Eater Announcement! · 2:11am Sep 23rd, 2018

The announcement has been taken down due to my own oversight. I was unaware that we were not allowed to release such chapters. My bad! However, I am reposting it here!

Big news!~ I have been in touch with a animation artist! One of my friends knows someone who does animations and helped me get into contact with them! From what I've seen, they are really good and willing to give me a really decent price!

If I can raise 600.00$ by the Beginning of December or Beginning of January, we can afford a full blown animatic for Star Eater! I know that's only two and half months to three months, but I think we can do it! If we get close, I am willing to spend the extra that we need to commission this animator! Please think about it!

I'd like to do this through Patron, but if anyone has a better idea, please let me know!

P.S. We've already raised almost 200.00$ thanks to several of my readers and patron users! We keep this up and we may be able to do even more with the animation! The more money we raise, the more we can throw at the animator to make it look even better!

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Comments ( 14 )

there are plenty of people that make chapters like that. couple of stories i follow have.

aaanyways- here's hoping you get what you need.

chapters like what??? did I miss a chapter? also is there supposed to be a link I can follow?

Yeah but it was just an announcement. It got taken down by administration

okay, aso just became a knight, where do I find chapters 85 and 86. want to read them first before 87

Oh! That was you?! Thank you so much! Unfortunately since I wasn’t too familiar with patron it’s obviously not in the folder on the left hand side. You need to scroll down through all the older posts. Sry! It’ll be better now that I have several different folders up. How did you like the Angel commission?

I loved them. Also, you make me cry like a bitch. I love when stories make me do that.

😂 then just wait until you read all the extra content. Also let me know what you think. Just not here so people aren’t confused or any spoilers are revealed

of cource, DM's only good sir

Thank you. You can also contact me directly via patron if you want. It’s up to you either way! Enjoy the three chapters!

What would the animation be on? The whole story or bits and pieces?

Comment posted by ThatGuyJayce deleted Sep 25th, 2018

As much as I would love to do a whole story animation, I can't. It will be on a upcoming part in the story that will fit perfectly! If this goes well, however, I would be very interested in doing an animation for the whole story in general. Kinda like an introduction to Star Eater or opening if you will, but that'll be later and only if this goes well.

Having any part of this animated, Seeing the charcters in a more life like manner would be cool.

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